Centralize AEC assets. Create more proposals. Win more business. 

OpenAsset’s Digital Asset Management platform makes AEC proposals simpler, faster, and more successful. That’s why 99% of customers renew.

Trusted by Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms:
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Tired of endless folders, broken links, and complicated workflows?

Constantly searching for the right digital assets for AEC proposals is frustrating, time-consuming, and unreliable.

OpenAsset’s easily searchable centralized database enables AEC firms to create high-quality proposals, faster.

Seamless data and
workflow integrations

We work the way you work. From Deltek to InDesign, OpenAsset connects with all the tools you use and brings all data into one single source of truth.

“You can REALLY customize OpenAsset to work for you and your company workflow”

Lisa Stock, Creative Asset Manager, HLW

Built for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

We support AEC all day, every day. OpenAsset is the only AEC-focused digital asset management solution, so all our products and features are dedicated to making you more successful.

“OpenAsset wins because they know and understand the AEC industry”

Lainie Cleghorn, Director of Proposal Development, Caddell Construction

Unrivaled customer experience and ease of use

We love our customers, they love us. We have a 99% renewal rate and 9.5 customer rating for Quality of Support on G2 thanks to our simple implementation, easy-to-use interface, and committed customer support.

“OpenAsset is more than just software; it is a catalyst for success in the modern digital age”

Nick Nixon, Senior Marketing, XL Construction

With OpenAsset, you can:

Easily access digital assets from a centralized database.

Create better quality proposals up to 10x faster.

Enter more bids and win more business.

Centralize AEC resources

Stop searching, start creating. OpenAsset stores all your digital assets in a secure, central location, so onsite and offsite teams can easily find approved files and create compelling proposals, brochures, presentations, and project cut sheets.

25 million+ files live on OpenAsset and counting

Save time on proposals

Produce high-quality proposals up to 10x faster. OpenAsset empowers cross-team collaboration, accelerates operational workflows, and increases your content output.

Tasks that used to take hours now take minutes

Win more business

Better proposals = more wins. Improve your win rate by easily producing brand-consistent, project-specific, and high-quality proposals.

Double your proposal output

“Gone are the days of broken links in Indesign…It’s made our team more efficient, more collaborative, and ultimately helped us produce a better product.”

Kelsey V G2, August 23, 2023

“OpenAsset has made our Marketing Team 200% more efficient. The searching capabilities are powerful. Drag and drop features are easy on both Mac and PC.”

Stacy O G2, July 18, 2023

“OpenAsset is so easy to use – from searching/finding images to drag and drop placement – it really enhances our efficiency.”

Alethia F G2, July 12, 2023

“A well-organized DAM platform with endless possibilities!”

Peter K G2, May 16, 2023

“OpenAsset has given us a way to make images and other digital assets searchable, saving us money.”

Daniel W G2, May 11, 2023

“OpenAsset gives us a resource available to our entire company that consolidates assets in an easy-to-use platform.”

Jeanette K G2, May 16, 2023

Create more proposals, win more projects

Want to learn more? Secure a demo to see how OpenAsset can help you close more deals, faster.

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