Taylor Australia Streamlines Resume Creation and Improves Efficiency With OpenAsset: A Customer Success Story 

When it comes to business efficiency, sometimes it’s not about working harder but smarter. Taylor Australia, a leading name in the construction sector, was in search of an innovative solution to elevate its resume creation process and operational workflow. Their answer? Strategically implementing and utilizing OpenAsset’s DAM solution. 

Before embracing OpenAsset, the complexities of resume creation took hours, sometimes even days. However, within a short span of integrating OpenAsset into their operations, the transformations were clear. 

Elizabeth Mackison, Submissions Manager at Taylor Australia, found herself having similar feelings to those experienced by industry peers, exclaiming that the tool’s influence was “changing our lives.” 

In this case study, we explore the transformative journey of Elizabeth and her team at Taylor. We look at how they navigated the challenges of finding a way to streamline their resume Creation and improve their overall efficiency in the construction sector and how they found an innovative solution.

The Challenge: Resume Creation 

Since Taylor began in 1994, they have helped shape exceptional spaces across Australia. They offer integrated design, construction, and development services across all sectors, making their multi-disciplinary teams uniquely positioned to achieve great outcomes while minimizing risk along the way. 

However, to help their team achieve successful outcomes, challenges had to be addressed. Finding a way to save time to create faster and better RFP responses was a top priority. But, which specific task was time-intensive? Creating and managing RFP resumes

Elizabeth who focuses on construction proposal preparation and resume creation for Taylor Australia, had extensive day-to-day responsibilities. Her role involves focusing on the precision and detail of every resume, carrying extreme importance to the company’s clientele. 

The time-consuming resume process involved gathering and verifying information, contacting individuals for data, and ensuring a professional layout. And because there is also a high demand for accuracy as resumes are one of the most important aspects to clients, the team at Taylor was spending the most time on creating these resumes. 

From scratch, preparing a resume took between half an hour to three hours, depending on the individual and the specifics of the resume. This means that on average, Elizabeth and her team spent 12 to 20 hours on resumes per proposal

To put it into perspective, assuming that the team at Taylor had one proposal per week, 12 to 20 hours on a proposal would equal two to three days on just CVs alone

More time-consuming tasks were added when new employees joined the team. This is because extensive time was required to gather their career details, project history, and specific experiences. Maintaining updated records for all employees became an added challenge. 

How Did Taylor Improve Their Resume Process? 

Fortunately, when you implement the top digital asset management (DAM) solution in the AEC space, your workflows become efficient, and fast. Here’s how OpenAsset helped Taylor: 

Centralized Data Repository 

OpenAsset serves as a central hub for all employee information and project details. This reduces the need to constantly contact team members for their project histories or other relevant details. The process of manually laying out details and ensuring visual appeal was also streamlined. 

Efficient Employee Module 

With digital asset management (DAM) software like OpenAsset, the time spent creating resumes is drastically reduced. In particular, OpenAsset’s employee module streamlined the process of collecting individual data, allowing for quicker and more accurate resume creation. 

Improved Team Selection

At Taylor, when adding people’s information into OpenAsset, they do it on a proposal-by-proposal basis. Having all this information from an individual available because it was already entered into OpenAsset for a previous proposal helps the team save a lot of time. 

It also saves them time when selecting the teams because the general managers aren’t going to remember what projects people have been on let alone what projects they’ve been on outside the organization. 

Enhanced Search Capabilities 

With OpenAsset, Elizabeth and her team can search for specific details about projects, making the selection and presentation process for resumes more efficient. 

Uniformity and Consistency 

OpenAsset ensures that all the data is consistent, organized, and readily accessible. This uniformity is especially crucial for proposals, where accuracy and presentation can make a significant difference. 

Taylor Results: Improved Efficiency With OpenAsset

Remember how much time it took Elizabeth and her team to create resumes? That time was cut in half with OpenAsset. As more employee information gets added to OpenAsset, this amount of time will continue to drop. This means Elizabeth and her team can spend more time on other crucial tasks and reduce the stress of tight tender deadlines. 

Plus, with the accumulation of data in OpenAsset, selecting teams for specific projects became more efficient. The tool eliminated the tedious task of remembering which team members worked on which projects, both within and outside the organization. 

Taylor also experienced enhanced accuracy, which ensured that resumes and project details remained accurate, consistent, and up-to-date. 

Moreover, by streamlining processes with OpenAsset, the team at Taylor found it more cost-effective than hiring additional personnel. Given the specialized roles within the company, this translated to significant annual savings. 

OpenAsset not only streamlined their resume creation but also brought about a notable change in overall efficiency and collaboration within the team. 

For Elizabeth and her team at Taylor, OpenAsset wasn’t just a tool—it was a revolution. In the fast-paced world of construction, staying ahead isn’t just about building structures but also about building efficient systems. And as Elizabeth’s journey shows, with the right tools, the sky’s the limit.  

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