Artificial Intelligence

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Streamline Processes and Increase Efficiency

When it comes to your tech stack, introducing and applying artificial intelligence (AI) can streamline processes and increase efficiency. We’re bringing AI into OpenAsset where it delivers value to save time and resources in managing your images.

AI Suggested Keywords

AI Suggested Keywords, powered by a combination of Amazon Rekognition and our own proprietary technology, provide both general and AEC-specific keyword suggestions for each image. The new feature reduces the time it takes to manually tag images and helps AEC firms build and expand taxonomies.

Discover Similar Images

DAM doesn’t only help you search for and find the digital assets you’re looking for. It can also help you discover similar images.

Using AI, OpenAsset improves search through inferring similar features across your entire repository, giving you additional images to select from and use.

Save Time with Batch Editing

The ability to find images based on similar features makes batch editing simple. You can find and select groups of images and add relevant keywords across all of them at one time.

AI-Powered Content Assist

Using Content Assist, powered by OpenAsset’s Generative AI, your users can leverage existing Project and Employee data to accelerate the creation of project descriptions and employee bios.

Save Time and Create Higher-Quality Proposals

OpenAsset is transforming the way AEC and Real Estate firms manage their images and create RFP responses.
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