Connect People to Your Projects

OpenAsset Employee Module

The people working within your teams are the core of your business. They represent experience alongside world-class skills and knowledge. Store employee assets in your DAM and synchronize data from your HR or ERP system.

By connecting the digital assets and data associated with your employees to projects you create even more value from your DAM. Leverage the powerful search tools in OpenAsset for managing employee information and use custom InDesign templates to generate resume documents on-demand.

The OpenAsset Employee Module allows you to consolidate all this valuable information into a single system that can be easily accessed across your organization. Instead of looking for information in databases or ERP systems that are not optimized for search, you can navigate to it quickly using OpenAsset.

Construction firms are in the field of selling the expertise of their staff. In a fiercely competitive bidding process, being able to demonstrate the range of skills and project experience that your staff have to offer is an essential differentiator between your firm and others.

Having all this data readily accessible enables firms to pitch more effectively for new business, giving your prospective clients confidence in the accomplishments of your staff.

Our Support Team will work closely with you to ensure the Employee Module is configured in a way that makes sense for your users. Employee profiles can be set up to store information relevant to your firm, and we will build bespoke InDesign templates to match your firm’s branding guidelines.

To learn more about the Employee Module onboarding process, read our case study with leading architectural practice WilkinsonEyre.


"OpenAsset is a much more user-friendly way of storing CVs and staff information as it's all accessible within one system"

– Katherine Hubbard, Bid Manager