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Employee Module

The Employee Module has been designed to drive efficiency within your organisation by automating the creation of resume documents and allowing you to automatically synchronise employee data between OpenAsset and your HR or ERP system.

Create Resumes On-Demand

With formatted InDesign templates you can generate employee resumes at the click of a button. Create employee resumes for individual people or whole teams with minimal effort.

Synchronize with your HR or ERP

OpenAsset uses systems such as Deltek Vision or Oracle as the single source of truth for employee-related data, ensuring that errors and inconsistencies in data management are minimised. If your organization stores employee-related data in static documents, this information can be managed directly in OpenAsset through customizable fields.

Find Employee Assets

With our Employee Module you can store, find and use all the digital assets you have associated with individual team members.

Connect Employees to Projects

Store employee data, such as their role, against projects. See employees attached to projects and pull project data and images through into employee resumes.

Manage Employee Data in DAM

Employee-related data can be managed directly in OpenAsset through customizable data fields. This gives you the flexibility to store any relevant data within OpenAsset without a complicated configuration process.

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