Most Common Questions about OpenAsset: Features, Cost, & More

We understand that choosing and implementing a digital asset management solution is a significant investment in your AEC marketing technology stack. In this blog, we’ll cover commonly asked questions about our DAM platform, and what to expect from working with OpenAsset. 

Implementing OpenAsset

How can our organization prepare to implement OpenAsset?

Before implementing a DAM solution like ours, it’s helpful to get your files ready by taking the following steps:

  1. Focus on your highest-resolution images. 
  2. Group files by project or folder (especially if you’re in the middle of an initiative)
  3. Share any relevant spreadsheets or content catalogs with our team. (We can maintain your current, preferred file organizational structure if we have insight into how you’d like to maintain things.)

Do I need a dedicated resource from our side to manage implementation? 

Depending on your team’s unique needs and expectations, this will vary. Our most successful clients typically have a dedicated team member who will receive onboarding and advanced OpenAsset training, so it’s helpful when this primary contact remains the same throughout implementation and when they understand what content is relevant and where it lives. 

What is included in the onboarding cost? 

Onboarding at OpenAsset includes two options. Our Premier option is best for larger clients moving from another DAM or needing multiple file migrations. This option includes up to 10 custom templates within the first year. Our second option, Plus, includes one data migration and up to 5 custom templates within the first year. 

Additionally, when purchasing an onboarding package, you’re assigned a dedicated implementation manager with an average of 3+ years of implementation experience. They’ll be your dedicated resource, with extensive knowledge from working with hundreds of OpenAsset clients.

Financial and Logistical Considerations

How much does OpenAsset cost?

Many factors impact your total cost, but we know it’s an important decision for your firm. That’s why we wrote an in-depth explanation with examples and ranges of what to expect here.

What is the ROI of implementing OpenAsset? 

OpenAsset makes it quick and simple to see what your company could save by adopting DAM with our free Digital Asset Management ROI Calculator. Check it out to find and present tangible numbers you can show your team. 

How can I explain the value of OpenAsset to the decision-makers at my firm? 

When explaining the value of OpenAsset to decision-makers at your firm, it’s important to focus on the key benefits and how it aligns with the firm’s goals and objectives. Some of the key benefits OpenAsset offers are: 

  • Images, videos, and other files can be automatically tagged and organized by project. 
  • Improve ROI on expensive and time-consuming projects. 
  • Integrate seamlessly with your AEC-specific ERPs and CRMs, like Unanet, Deltek, and other enterprise solutions. 
  • AI functionalities
  • Increased marketing productivity.
  • Integrations enable seamless creation with existing templates, allowing automatic image resizing and drag-and-drop functionality. 
  • Easy to share and view large files throughout your organization without having to download them. 
  • Foster collaboration and better communication. 

You can learn more about why decision-makers choose a DAM like OpenAsset here.

How can I gain budget approval for OpenAsset when it was not a forecasted expense?

By understanding the comprehensive value of a digital asset management system, you’ll have a better chance of convincing major stakeholders in your company to get on board. However, key decision-makers in your company may not understand the day-to-day tasks of marketing and creatives, so they’ll want to see the numbers. For this, you’ll need to build a business case for DAM to help justify the investment. You can also measure your company’s ROI and build your business case faster by using our ROI Calculator

Here are some steps you can follow to build your business case: 

Step 1: The first step in creating a DAM business case is determining your organization’s goals. What does your company want to achieve with digital asset management?

Step 2: With your organization’s goals in mind, it’s time to collect data. It’s best to gather both quantitative and qualitative data to create a strong business case. 

Step 3: Show off your projected DAM ROI and explain how and why a cloud-based digital asset management solution answers your current challenges. Explain how a DAM will reduce costs, enhance brand equity and help you avoid potential legal disputes by acting as your organization’s single source of truth for files. Everything that brings value to the business will help strengthen your case. And by covering all the criteria that make DAM such a valuable business tool, you can build a strong case for the investment. 

Why do firms choose OpenAsset over other DAMs? 

We’re so glad you asked! At OpenAsset, we’re proud to share that we are the only DAM solution built for AEC. Not only was our AI-powered search built with AEC-centric keywords, but we also offer integrations with top AEC document creation tools and AEC partners. Additionally, we continue to upgrade our offering specifically to help marketing professionals just like you. But there’s so much more that makes us the ideal DAM solution for you. Watch the free product tour webinar for in-depth information and a Q and A segment on what makes our platform unique. 

Can I integrate OpenAsset into my website? 

Our REST API allows website integrations and many of our customers have connected their sites to OpenAsset successfully by utilizing our available developer documents. You can learn more about organizations who’ve done this successfully, like Sundt here, and Magnusson Klemencic here

File Management

How does OpenAsset organize my files?

Digital Asset Management ensures that your digital assets are easily searchable and available for use across your team and your business. With OpenAsset, this is done through: 

  • Customizable taxonomy 
  • Project keywords 
  • File access and ranking system 
  • Custom metadata 
  • File metadata extraction 
  • User permissions 
  • AI-powered search

Which AEC tools does OpenAsset integrate with? 

When choosing a DAM platform, we understand the importance of knowing it connects to popular integration tools. That’s why we’re proud to share integrations and partnerships with some of the best AEC tools, including project-based ERP & CRM, Construction Project Management (CPM), and Document Creation platforms. You can learn more about our integrations here

Why does OpenAsset charge for data storage?

The files you store on OpenAsset are highly secure and highly available. This is because our cost of data storage also includes the following items:

  • Back up
  • Bandwidth
  • Storage
  • Global content delivery
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data protection compliance
  • Data breach notifications
  • Encrypted https connection
  • Data privacy and confidentiality
  • Network security
  • Vulnerability prevention and detection
  • Data center security 
  • AI analysis

We also help remove duplicates and clean up your data during implementation, which typically reduces your total usage and data storage costs.

Do I have to fix my file/folder structure before working with OpenAsset?

Many of our clients started with what they considered a “messy folder structure” before moving to OpenAsset.  For our processes, the first thing we look for is a Project-based folder structure where your folder structure has project folders at the same level. From there, our Support Team has tools that enable us to quickly create projects and import your files into OpenAsset. Those random folders for each photographer, and the type of file (rendering, professional photography, etc.) can be turned into file-level keywords.

Our team will help guide you through what clean-up may or may not be needed!

Do I have to fix my Unanet or Deltek data before working with OpenAsset?

When using the OpenAsset Deltek or Unanet Connector, the data from those respective systems can be configured to sync into OpenAsset at a field-to-field level. In some cases, our clients start by syncing only a few fields that have accurate/reliable information and then add additional data points to sync as the data is cleaned-up over time in the respective CRM platform. Clients are also able to use the Connector(s) to create projects in OpenAsset which provide a streamlined workflow for project creation in OpenAsset, relying on the project record to meet a certain requirement in CRM that indicates it is ready for use in OpenAsset.

Users and Groups

How are user governance and permissions managed?

Permissions are assigned to Groups of users. OpenAsset ‘Groups’ define what features users in different groups can access.

Our pre-configured groups come with your system so you aren’t starting from scratch. The three types of group personas we typically recommend are:

  • Basic Users: These users are dragging and dropping, searching, and using the system, but not necessarily changing or adding to it.
  • Advanced/Full Users: These users are adding content to your OpenAsset system. They typically have the ability to tag files, add information, and upload imagery.
  • Administrators: These are the primary owners of your firm’s taxonomies, settings, and permissions.

Groups also create time-saving benefits. Compared to assigning Permissions at an individual user level, Groups allow you to quickly edit and apply Permissions for multiple users in one action. Learn more about Groups and the different Permissions available here.

What is the average size/type of firm that OpenAsset supports?

Our DAM typically serves AEC firms with >100 employees. But that doesn’t mean smaller firms can’t benefit from OpenAsset. Factors to consider include how many proposals your team writes per week, how long it takes to find accurate and updated imagery at your firm, and how often your team needs to create polished documents. Not sure if we’re a fit? Schedule a custom demo with one of our DAM experts.

What other teams can gain value from OpenAsset besides the marketing team?

To answer this comprehensively, we would want to understand your current collaboration process. How do other teams integrate with and interact with Marketing at your firm? In general, field engineers, business teams, and anyone interacting with your organization’s files will gain value from OpenAsset’s file management. 

Next Steps

We hope we’ve provided a better idea of what to expect from working with OpenAsset’s digital asset management solution. If you’d like to learn more and discuss your team’s specific needs, schedule a custom demo here

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