Customise your OpenAsset with our REST API

When investing in a new SaaS product, a major consideration for companies is the extent to which it will connect with their existing systems. OpenAsset customers have access to our REST API, which can be used to develop integrations with virtually any system that uses modern programming languages. We offer extensive REST API documentation and our support team will share best practices with your developers or IT team to ensure your integration projects are a success.

Why develop REST API integrations?

Using the REST API it is possible to configure OpenAsset so that it works seamlessly with the systems you use on a daily basis. Here are a few reasons why that could be beneficial to your organization:

  • Synchronize data automatically – updating data in multiple locations is a time-consuming and error-prone process, which is why organizations typically use a single system as the source of truth for data. By integrating OpenAsset with your system databases, changes in one will be automatically mirrored in the other.
  • A scalable tech stack – when a company grows or undergoes a digital transformation, their tech stack becomes increasingly sophisticated. Even for small businesses, adopting new systems can require a significant investment of time and resources. API integrations offer a scalable and cost-effective solution for IT teams to ensure that new systems can be configured for their existing tech stacks.
  • Increase user adoption – the key to the successful rollout of a new system is to make people’s lives easy. API integrations can be used to remove duplication of work by automating manual processes and reducing the time spent on data entry.
  • Visibility of projects – OpenAsset is designed to highlight the best work that your firm has to offer. Simple integrations can enable you to display curated selections of images in different systems, such as your Intranet, to increase their visibility across the organization.

How does the REST API work?

Our REST API returns JSON, the most widely used data-interchange format, which means that OpenAsset can be effectively integrated with any other modern system. Our REST endpoints are stable, ensuring future compatibility, and once an integration is configured it should not break.

The OpenAsset REST API is the main resource for building integrations. Consequently it is a priority for our Engineering team, who are continually improving the functionality of the API, while retaining backwards compatibility. We offer comprehensive documentation on our API Reference Site and based on this, most teams can develop integrations independently. Our Support team will provide you with our recommended best practices and if you encounter issues, or the integration behaves differently to how it is expected, we can advise you on what steps to take.

We have also developed a number of API Client Libraries to help developers when working in specific programming languages, such as C# or Ruby. These can significantly reduce the amount of resources required when developing the moulds for different endpoints. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in using one of these libraries for developing an integration.

You can be confident that the OpenAsset REST API offers the flexibility to develop any integrations that your company might need. To view our REST API Reference Site, click here.

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