Use Your Digital Assets to Seamlessly Create Marketing Collateral

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Use Your Digital Assets to Grow Your Brand and Business

You invest in your digital assets for a reason — they are the best way to showcase your projects, build your brand and win new business. OpenAsset streamlines workflows and helps you create elegant documents and compelling collateral efficiently.

Create Marketing Collateral Seamlessly

OpenAsset makes it easy to create large volumes of marketing collateral and proposal documents. It’s so simple that anyone across your business can do it.

Create documents at scale with branded templates using InDesign, PowerPoint and Word.

Generate employee resumes within minutes with our Employee Module. Synchronize employee data from your CRM or ERP system to speed up the process.

Make sure your best digital assets are available and ready for use across your marketing channels and documents.

Streamline Workflows

Free up your time to focus on higher-level tasks.

Using Content Assist, powered by OpenAsset’s Generative AI, your users can leverage existing Project and Employee data to accelerate the creation of project descriptions and employee bios.

Set image specifications for your most leveraged assets like social media images or email headers. Images are automatically created for all specs when uploaded.

Save time by dragging and dropping images straight from your DAM into InDesign or PowerPoint.

OpenAsset makes using previously created documents simple through maintaining link integrity. No more searching for missing images.

Show Your Project Portfolio

Utilize your DAM as a project portfolio that you can use both internally and externally to win new business. Stored in the cloud, you can showcase your work from anywhere, at any time.

Present your digital assets via an always available online project portfolio.


Through hosting project imagery and data, and providing visibility to the employees who worked on them, your DAM provides an excellent source for knowledge sharing across your firm.

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Save Time and Create Higher-Quality Proposals

OpenAsset is transforming the way AEC and Real Estate firms manage their images and create RFP responses.
If you’re ready to learn more, schedule a demo to meet with one of our solution experts and see OpenAsset in action.