Digital Asset Management ROI Calculator

We’ve made it quick and simple to see what your company could save by adopting DAM.

Annual cost of team producing business development materials

$60,000 – $80,000

Estimated total time savings with DAM – Improved finding of assets & creation of business development materials

  • Difficult to locate assets in a file based system
  • Assets get lost or deleted
  • It takes time to move files from office to office
  • Duplication of assets in multiple locations
  • Each office has their own asset silo
  • Costly replication of images between offices
  • Multiple time zones can make asset sharing difficult
  • Dependant on knowledge of key employees for finding assets
  • Multiple people uploading assets to the system with inconsistency
  • Employees with key knowledge frequently leave
  • Consistently need to ask project manager which images are appropriate to use
  • Increased human error means assets go missing
  • Photoshoots of complete projects are frequent and expensive
  • The volume of new assets each week is significant
  • Image approval is a nightmare to manage
  • Need efficient way to change branding and graphics
  • Takes time to resize images due to minimal number of employees with skillset to handle and resize assets
  • Risk of images not approved by marketing being used by accident
  • Bottleneck in document creation as limited number of people can create approved marketing docs
  • Need to adapt business development materials to multiple scenarios
  • New marketing materials need to be produced on a daily basis for different people

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