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With over 120 years of history, Sundt Construction had accumulated a large repository of project imagery. Across the company’s 8 offices, photos were stored on network drives and on colleagues local devices. Introducing OpenAsset gave Sundt Construction’s marketing team a way to centralize their image library and control which images employees have access to use in proposals and presentations. Integration between Deltek Vision, OpenAsset, and their website CMS allows the team to push images and project data to the website in seconds.


As a well-established firm with over 120 years of history, we had photos from a very wide range of projects that were spread all over. We have 8 offices, and marketing photos were shared on a drive that was accessible to marketing. Beyond that, we also had project teams keeping photos on their desktops, and each individual office had photos from company and client events stored locally. Our need for a photo library was unquestionable.

We shared with leadership the difficulties we faced finding photos, making sure they were approved, and that we had rights to use them on our website or in proposals. One of the biggest risks associated with the way we managed photos was making sure that employees weren’t using photos improperly. For example, we didn’t want damage relationships with photographers by utilizing images that we didn’t have the rights to use, or assume legal risk by using site photos that aren’t safety-approved. It was really becoming a liability to use photos improperly.

The ease and time saving aspects of OpenAsset quickened the process of getting leadership buy-in for the system.


We use the Deltek Vision Proposal Module to create our proposals. OpenAsset’s drag and drop feature helps us to easily place photos from our library directly into the InDesign documents output from Deltek Vision. The systems work well together and allow us to quickly tailor the documents for each client.

Our website is driven by OpenAsset and Deltek Vision. All the project information on our website comes directly out of Vision, and the photos come directly from OpenAsset. The process is pretty seamless, so photos can get uploaded to the website really quickly.


With a few clicks of a button, we can create project profile templates that pull in project details from Deltek Vision and images from OpenAsset. Our business development staff really loves the self-service aspect of the templates in OpenAsset. It allows us to customize media packages really quickly.


It’s been invaluable to us as a company to have OpenAsset as a single source of project photos. Having one place to go to in order to quickly find projects with a swimming pool, gym, runway, has changed the way we are able to utilize photos.

It’s been so amazing to be able to share photos with people who aren’t ‘power-users’ makes it easy for teams beyond marketing to drag and drop images into PowerPoint or InDesign.

Everything about the database is useful and time saving. It’s cut down the time to create everything from proposals, to brochures, to PowerPoint presentations. It’s been a huge time saving tool, and the ease of use made it a no-brainer for us.

It’s certainly an added bonus that we don’t end up taking up as much server space now that we’ve consolidated all our project and company photos within OpenAsset.

Everyone from the firm can get to OpenAsset via our intranet. New hires are introduced to marketing and OpenAsset during orientations, so they know that if they need a photo or logo, they need to come to marketing. This process allows us to tightly control the use of images, in compliance with branding and copyrights, and has given exposure to the marketing team in the process.


Deltek Vision and CMS integration

Drag and drop images into InDesign and PowerPoint

Approved photos are available firm-wide


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About Sundt Construction

Sundt Construction Inc. is one of the country’s largest and most respected general contractors. Celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, the firm is known nationally for its innovative approach to construction services. Sundt currently is ranked the 75th largest construction company in the United States by ENR, the industry’s principal trade magazine.

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