Store and Organize Your Digital Assets by Project or Property

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We Work the Way You Work

You manage your work by projects and properties, so we’ve built a solution that integrates seamlessly.
With OpenAsset, it’s easy to build a scalable library of high-quality digital photos, videos and files.

Centralize Your Digital Assets

Store your digital assets in a secure, cloud-based location, so they’re available to anyone, at any time.

Store your digital assets in the cloud, making them easy to access across multiple business locations.

Save time by uploading multiple files and applying relevant project keywords and metadata in one workflow.

Store and organize a range of image, video and document formats.

Be instantly notified when uploading duplicate files and easily replace files with updated versions.

Monitor uploads across your organization to maintain brand consistency and quality.

Organize Your Digital Assets

Digital Asset Management ensures that all of your digital assets are easily searchable and available for use across your team and your business.

Create a keyword taxonomy that’s relevant to your industry and tailored to your business. Make files easily discoverable through customized DAM metadata.

Automatically tag your assets with project keywords. Keywords at a project level are instantly applied to related files.

With batch editing, you can quickly and efficiently update large volumes of files across the same information.

Rank digital assets base on their quality. Access permissions ensure people have access to the correct files, and rankings help them see which are best to use.

Create custom fields to store relevant information along with your files. The metadata you create is then instantly searchable.

Automatically extract metadata contained in your uploaded files.

Control who can upload files, add keywords and manage metadata.

Align Your Digital Assets with
Your Business

Store and organize your assets in a way that makes sense to your business.

Digital assets are stored by project or property with all the relevant metadata your team needs to search and find the best files.

OpenAsset integrates with tools you use across your business. By syncing with your ERP, CRM or project systems, you can save time managing data and better connect your business.

Store employee data along with defined headshots to be used in resumes. Connect your employees with relevant digital assets and projects by roles.

Save Time and Create Higher-Quality Proposals

OpenAsset is transforming the way AEC and Real Estate firms manage their images and create RFP responses.
If you’re ready to find out more, arrange a time to meet with one of our solution experts.