Digital Asset Management
for Real Estate

Drive real estate sales with a visual strategy that improves the value of your digital assets, marketing investments and property resources.

Grow Your Firm with Digital Asset Management

OpenAsset is a property-based DAM solution that empowers real estate firms with the tools they need to maximize the value of their images and create higher-quality proposals faster.

Increase Efficiency

Visualize your properties and showcase your work from anywhere, at any time. Organize images, floor plans, video footage and 3D models by property in a centralized cloud-library.

Increase Productivity

Improve collaboration, productivity and speed of marketing production. Spend less time managing images and more time on revenue-generating tasks like creating on-brand marketing resources.

Ensure Maximum Value

Find, share and repurpose property images to get the most out of your photography investment. Empower your sales teams with world-wide access to branded marketing materials.

Strengthen Your Brand

Create a branded experience. Strengthen your business reputation with branded proposals that use only the highest-quality images available. 

Trusted By Real Estate Firms Worldwide

See how real estate firms use OpenAsset to manage their images, create better proposals and win more business.

The system has improved the process of creating better marketing materials. OpenAsset automatically re-sizes images and inserts them into PowerPoint, Word and InDesign.


Create Better Proposals and Win More Business

OpenAsset is a project-based DAM solution that transforms the way real estate firms manage their images and create RFP responses. If you’re ready to find out more, request a demo to meet with one of our solution experts.


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