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Find Digital Assets To Give Impact To Your Marketing And Proposals

AEC and Real Estate companies have a significant number of digital assets which can make files difficult to find if they aren’t stored and organized in the right way. OpenAsset is designed to support you in finding the best digital assets for the job at hand through multiple features.

Search For Digital Assets

With metadata based on the specific requirements of AEC and Real Estate, OpenAsset helps you search for files in a way that is intuitive across your team.  

Project-Based DAM

Search for digital assets based on projects and properties keeping search simple and efficient across all teams.

Search by Project Keywords

With keywords that apply to the entirety of a project, such as city or client, your team can quickly find groups of digital assets from across your entire database.

Search by Project Metadata

With project specific metadata you can easily search for digital assets based on criteria such as completion date or square footage. 

Search by File Keywords

Search by file specific identifiers such as building materials to give your team greater scope for finding the files they need.

Search by File Metadata

Customizable metadata fields ensure you capture all the key information about files and enhances search returns through additional information such as photographer or copyright holder.

Select The Right Digital Assets For The Job

Digital Asset Management is about putting the right digital assets in the hands of your team when they need them. DAM helps you to avoid out of date digital assets being accessed and ensures the best files are found and used.

In Use or Archive

Use Access Levels to make files easy to find, such as those that are for promotional use or copyright compliant. Access Levels can also be used as a mechanic for digital archive management by adding restrictions to out of date files.

Control Access

Maintain control over which digital assets are searchable and can be accessed through the use of group permissions. This allows some users to access all digital assets and small subsets of users to access the files that are relevant to them such as ones available for proposals and presentations.

Preview Files

Preview and check files are the best match for what you need before you download or use them.

Discover Digital Assets

OpenAsset Digital Asset Management not only enables you to find the files you know you are looking for, but also helps you to discover other potential digital assets through artificial intelligence and collaboration.

Artificial Intelligence

OpenAsset can help you find similar images based on AEC and Real Estate elements across your entire database.

Promote Collaboration

Albums allow to you group selections of digital assets together for you to share with colleagues both internally and externally.

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