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What Is A Cloud Digital Asset Management System?

A cloud Digital Asset Management system, or a cloud DAM for short, is an online platform where you can store and organize your firm's digital assets. By keeping your digital assets in the cloud you improve company-wide access, use, and maintenance of your images, videos, and documents. Here are the key advantages of cloud-based Digital Asset Management software.

Cloud Storage For Your Digital Assets

Using hardware or on-site software can be a costly and inefficient way to manage your digital assets. Cloud-based Digital Asset Management requires no maintenance from you or your team as updates happen automatically. An online repository also ensures that your images, videos and documents are easily accessible across your business and available to those who need them.

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Simple Integration

Online digital asset management gives you the potential to integrate the systems and platforms you use every day with your cloud-based DAM. Integrations that make data synchronization simple, workflows less time consuming and help maintain communication on project progress – to name but a few.

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Ease Of Search

The ability to apply keywords and digital asset metadata supports not only the organisation of your assets but the ability to easily search and use them too. Sales teams can search and access what they need on the go, proposal teams have everything they need to create the perfect bid and marketers can get more done.

Company Wide Sharing And Use

Cloud-based Digital Asset Management facilitates the sharing and use of your digital assets, freeing up Marketing resource to focus on core tasks and encouraging the use of your best assets. If you have team members working remotely, a cloud Digital Asset Management system ensures they have access to everything they need.

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Digital Asset Archive

Digital Asset Management in the cloud gives you the perfect platform for archiving your digital assets. Use OpenAsset access levels to show which assets are no longer in use but still ensure they are organized and searchable within your cloud Digital Asset Management software.

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