Digital Asset Management Built For AEC And Real Estate Firms

OpenAsset’s Digital Asset Management system has been created with AEC and Real Estate firms in mind. We understand how you do business and have built a solution that integrates perfectly with your working environment. Our DAM tools enable you to store, find, use and share assets seamlessly, so they are available to whoever you want, when you want, in the format you need.

Store Digital Assets In One Place

A well-structured and efficient DAM starts here. OpenAsset allows you to create a centralized cloud-based repository where you can organize your assets in a way that makes sense for your business.

With our improved tagging assisted by AI and our project-based structure, OpenAsset gives you the perfect foundation for building the DAM your team and your company needs.

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Find The Digital Assets You Need

Finding the right digital assets in OpenAsset is made simple with keyword and metadata search built around your projects. You can easily search and select the best digital assets for the documents you’re working on.

With our AI-supported search, you and your team can also discover images through image similarity. Broadening the scope of your searches will ensure all of your best assets are found and used.

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Use Digital Assets To Their Full Potential

You invest in the creation of your digital assets for a reason. They are the best way for you to showcase your projects, build your brand and win new business.

OpenAsset streamlines workflows and helps you to create documents and collateral seamlessly.

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Share Digital Assets With The People Who Need Them

OpenAsset ensures you have control over who can access collections of digital assets both internally and externally to your organization. Brand management is supported through the sharing of marketing-approved assets across your business.

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Store and Use Employee Assets

Employee Module allows you to store employee digital assets and sync data from your HR or ERP system against project and property assets.

Now you can create employee resumes within minutes to use with bids and proposals through OpenAsset.

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Your Digital Asset Management Solution Starts Here