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Did you know that you can integrate OpenAsset with your website, intranet, Deltek Vision, & other systems?

Integrating OpenAsset with other systems allows you to increase efficiency by leveraging image and project data. We recently posted a blog about how we use a REST API to allow integrations between OpenAsset and other enterprise systems. The API is delivered free to use, and we’re happy to provide support to your developers as part of your OpenAsset subscription.

Sync data to OpenAsset from:

  • Deltek Vision. By connecting Deltek Vision with OpenAsset, you can connect project data with images to create a searchable photo library that leverages Deltek Vision as the single source of project information. We have built an OpenAsset Deltek Vision Connector, so there is no development work on your end. Details on OpenAsset Help Site
  • Other CRMs or Project-based systems. If you use a CRM or other system that contains project numbers then you can use our API to integrate with OpenAsset. Details on OpenAsset Help Site
  • Folders. You can use our API to upload files into OpenAsset. We have clients that dump files into a folder and those files are automatically added to the OpenAsset library with access levels and ranks assigned to the files. Details on OpenAsset Help Site

Display data from OpenAsset on:

  • Your website or intranet. Display images, videos, PDFs, and text from OpenAsset on your public-facing website or intranet. You can also push OpenAsset keywords, photography, and project data to your website for SEO. Case Study | Details on OpenAsset Help Site
  • Your iPad. Collect OpenAsset images and videos in albums and sync them to your iPad so you can access them anywhere.
  • InDesign and PowerPoint Templates. Create custom branded templates to help with creating InDesign documents and PowerPoint presentations. Approve re-sized images and project and/or image text for commonly used documents. Details on OpenAsset Help Site

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