Best Practices for Using Indesign in Document Creation Q and A

In our latest Learning Lab Webinar with SMPS, George Bains, VP of Customer Service shared his expert tips and guidance for creating documents in OpenAsset via the InDesign plugin. At the end of the webinar, we received some extremely beneficial questions from our customers, and we wanted to share those with you. We hope this provides helpful information on how to use OpenAsset, as well as common questions on our integrations and what to expect when using the tool. Here are the top questions from your peers in AEC.

Q: Has OpenAsset worked with Airtable database integration?

A: We do not currently have an integration with Airtable but can work with your teams to import data via CSV exports from Airtable.

Q: If you integrate OpenAsset with Deltek and update data in one, will it automatically update in the other program?

A: Our native integration with Deltek maintains the CRM/ERP system as the single source of truth. The data that is synced remains “locked” in OpenAsset. Any changes to synced data must be altered in Deltek.

Q: Can you add additional custom pieces of information such as contract start date to the project page?

A: Yes. All project data associated with the projects in OpenAsset is customizable and curated by your team.

Q: Do you sync with Procore?

A: Yes, we offer an integration with Procore that allows users to pull images from Procore directly into OpenAsset projects.

Q: What are three unique features of OpenAsset when compared to Unanet CRM publisher?

A: Unanet is a key partner of OpenAsset and while their solution excels as a CRM tool and OpenAsset as a DAM platform, we would be happy to discuss how the two systems collaborate to support your workflows.

Q: Does OpenAsset sync with Unanet?

A: We have a native integration with Unanet CRM by Cosential. Learn more about how it works on our Unanet integration page.

Q: Do you have to have OpenAsset license for all employees?

A: Our subscription model does not require an OpenAsset license for all employees at your firm and any InDesign user can have the OpenAsset InDesign plugin installed to maintain the live links with OpenAsset cloud.

Q: Does OpenAsset connect with social media platforms?

A: We will be rolling out advanced drag-and-drop functionality that will be compatible with any system accepting drag-and-drop from the desktop. OpenAsset also has integration options through Zapier, but right now there are not any native integrations. I would love to hear more about your social media workflows and how you could see the systems working together.

Q: What advantages/differences do you see with using OpenAsset for resumes vs. Unanet CRM (Cosential)?

A: Unanet is a key partner of OpenAsset and while their solution excels as a CRM tool and OpenAsset as a DAM platform, we would be happy to discuss how the two systems collaborate to support your unique workflows. Email us at [email protected].

Q: Does OpenAsset sync with Ajera?

A: We offer a native integration with a number of Deltek systems including Vision, Vantagepoint, & Ajera CRM Module (Vantagepoint).

Q: When does OpenAsset/INDD update to high res images/files for output?

A: Using the OpenAsset InDesign plugin, users will be prompted to upgrade the image quality of the linked images when they go to package the file. We recommend having the ‘Always Download High-res Images’ setting checked off in the plugin setting so that the high-res versions are already available to speed up the packaging process.

Q: Does OpenAsset also work as video asset management for use in presentations or video production?

A: Yes, OpenAsset also supports video file formats.

Q: Does OpenAssets train new users or are we required to learn on our own?

A: Our Customer Success Team supports our clients with their use of OpenAsset. We have regularly hosted webinar-style trainings that run multiple times a month on a variety of topics. Our Customer Success Managers also work closely with their individual clients to assist with enablement and adoption.

Q: Is there a CRM associated with OpenAsset?

A: OpenAsset is a Digital Asset Management solution or smart image search library, helping you store, find, and use your marketing collateral. Although we are not a CRM system, the majority of our customers leverage a CRM in unison with OpenAsset. We have integrations with CRMs like Unanet & Deltek that help maintain data integrity.

Q: Does Openasset synch with SalesFlare?

A: OpenAsset is a Zapier Integration in addition to Salesflare, so there is a level of integration that could be configured. We also have REST APIs that can be leveraged for more advanced integration workflows.

For more information on using InDesign and best practices, be sure to check out our InDesign webinar with InDesign guru, Julie Shaffer. And for additional help articles and answers to common questions, visit our customer help site.

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