OpenAsset Unanet CRM Connector

Leverage your existing data in Unanet CRM to tag images at scale in OpenAsset.

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Work Seamlessly Between OpenAsset and Unanet CRM

The OpenAsset Unanet CRM Connector allows you to push subsets of project and employee data stored in Unanet CRM into OpenAsset.

Simply select the fields in Unanet CRM and convert the information into keywords or field data within OpenAsset to quickly tag images and build a searchable library. Use Unanet CRM as the single source of truth to keep your project and employee data consistent between both platforms.

Key Benefits

What you can expect from the connector:

  • Use Unanet CRM as the single source of truth
    for your project data.
  • Tag images in OpenAsset at scale using
    data stored in Unanet CRM.
  • Push data from Unanet CRM into custom
    fields in OpenAsset.
  • Access Unanet CRM project and employee
    records from OpenAsset.

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