OpenAsset & Unanet CRM Connector

Unlock the power of your project data and images.

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Connect your CRM and DAM to access marketing data and images within your workflow

The OpenAsset & Unanet CRM Connector seamlessly synchronizes project and employee data. This integration automatically populates fields and keywords in OpenAsset, while also supporting the transfer of images from OpenAsset to Unanet CRM by Cosential.

Firms can sync specific fields within Unanet CRM to keywords and custom fields within OpenAsset. This streamlined process empowers users to swiftly tag images and construct a highly searchable library. By utilizing Unanet CRM as the single source of truth, firms can maintain consistent project and employee data across both platforms.

Additionally, the Connector empowers users to conveniently select and send images from OpenAsset to Unanet CRM, supporting various project pursuit workflows, and providing a  more cohesive experience for users. 

Key Benefits

What you can expect from the connector:

  • Leverage your existing data in Unanet CRM to tag images at scale in OpenAsset
  • Access your Unanet CRM project and employee records from OpenAsset
  • Push data from Unanet CRM into custom fields in OpenAsset, leveraging Unanet CRM as your single source of truth
  • Select and send images from OpenAsset into Unanet CRM for use in Publisher
  • Streamline workflows and create more efficient processes

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