Why migrating from iDam to OpenAsset is as simple as… ZGF

Why migrating from iDam to OpenAsset is as simple as… ZGF

With offices in five cities across the US, ZGF had struggled for some time to develop a consistent, shared library of digital assets. ZGF leveraged OpenAsset to create intuitive workflows, interface increased user adoption, increase efficiency and get the most value out of their best materials.


It was exciting to see all of our images in one place at first but it wasn’t efficient for us at all. Although iDAM was web-based and could be shared between the various studios, it still didn’t have the necessary functionality. We were looking for a more user friendly system that would interface properly with the design software we use on a daily basis.

You could tell OpenAsset was the kind of software tool that was born out of really understanding what the image consumers in architecture design firms need on a day to day basis. We liked the fact that it did what we were looking for and was well tailored to our workflow. The characteristics that make OpenAsset appealing are the relative clarity and elegance of the interface, the fact it finds you what you need quickly, and its reliability.

OpenAsset is a lot more efficient. In terms of the way we work, connectivity with our design software is imperative. Not having to generate multiple image sizes is great – it just does it all for us within the application.

In terms of the functionality of viewing images it’s great too. We have a huge amount of images and a large range of project types that we cover, so just being able to see all of those when we are putting together a document is inspirational in itself.


Talking to other customers we felt secure that OpenAsset support would lend a solid hand in helping to migrate our image library and metadata.

I was really pleased with the data migration – it felt like OpenAsset support had the process down to a science.


We use Deltek Vision extensively in marketing and across the studio, and because we have the connector, OpenAsset is able to talk to it and pull across project names, descriptions and other information automatically.

We also leverage OpenAsset to host images used on our SharePoint intranet and have it integrated with Active Directory for logins


We adopted the system in marketing as soon as it was up and running, and over the course of the last five months it’s really changed the way we do things.

We’ve had a huge number of people go into it and find what they need without having to come to marketing. It’s a really user friendly application so it doesn’t take hours to work it out. Overall it’s been very positive.

We don’t find ourselves with three different versions of the same image, and that’s been a huge thing across the firm. I think efficiency in the way we work has been a major benefit. OpenAsset has become our right arm. We use it every day.

We understand the value of getting the best material out there and available to use. And OpenAsset makes this possible


OpenAsset Data Migration made switching from iDam fast and easy

Intuitive workflows and interface increased user adoption

Integration with SharePoint and Deltek Vision


Sandra Grande


Andrew Hollomon


Suejin Yoo Park


About ZGF

ZGF Architects LLP is a design firm with a focus on architecture, interior design, and urban design. Founded 70 years ago in Portland, Oregon with a mission to strive for design excellence, stewardship of our natural and built environment, and exceptional client service, ZGF has grown to include over 470 employees and additional offices in Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington, DC, and New York. With an intentionally diverse portfolio, ZGF’s design philosophy is centered on the premise that design excellence should be reflected in each and every aspect of a building—its fit with the community, its function and relationship to its users, its building systems, and its cost.

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