Before purchasing OpenAsset SSOE did not have a centralized image library. Some images were saved in a library system built in-house, while others were stored on network drives.


Images were all over the place. In some offices we have limited support staff, so we hadn’t been able to develop our in-house DAM system as much as we wanted to, and the functionality and usability just weren’t good enough.

We stored project data in Deltek Vision and needed an InDesign template feature. This is why we chose OpenAsset.


Although we have Deltek Vision, we weren’t using it to make custom proposals. We had the capability but we found it unintuitive and cumbersome to use as most documents were produced in Word. We wanted more control over the design. And that led us to OpenAsset. InDesign has become our template software of choice and we wanted to be able to use that.

Integrating Deltek with our image resources via OpenAsset helped open up our use of Deltek Vision. We implemented OpenAsset with that in mind from the very beginning.


Everybody at Axomic was very helpful. The documentation and training videos were easy to follow and use, and we were able to get answers back very quickly. Axomic helped us to strategize on the best ways to set up libraries and use keywords so they made sense for our organization. We got a good deal of useful input from them, so when the system was set up we were ready to go.


Once we produce an InDesign profile sheet from OpenAsset it is saved as a PDF and shared with the entire organization for quick access via Sharepoint. Staff across multiple offices have access to Sharepoint, and are now able to locate project information in seconds.


People don’t have to be experts to find the information and images they need. We can take advantage of shared resources, whereas before much of the knowledge was dependent on certain people.

Axomic is on the leading edge of the curve. They’re moving with technology. And we want to be associated with like-minded companies. We know we’re heading in the same direction; we’re all speaking the same language.

We have the ability to bounce ideas off Axomic. We know that we’re not being restricted with applications and build-out that might not work for us in a year or two from now.


Branded template production

Deltek Vision integration

Control of brand identity


Linda Slusher


About SSOE

SSOE is an international EPCM firm based in Toledo with 24 offices worldwide and projects in more than 30 countries. It offers an extensive range of planning, design, construction and professional services for seamless project delivery, working with clients from site selection through design, construction, commissioning and start-up. Founded in 1948, the company enjoys strong relationships with its trusted clients – 125 of them have been with SSOE for more than 20 years. SSOE is a nimble company that embraces change and builds on its strengths in order to create new opportunities. Its ability to transform itself throughout its history is evidenced by the firm’s consistent growth.

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