Global Knowledge Services team leads firm-wide knowledge initiatives at HKS

Create a culture of knowledge sharing by connecting platforms like OpenAsset, Unily, Microsoft Dynamics, and Deltek Vision

Eliminate knowledge and content silos by enabling firm-wide access to OpenAsset content

Increase productivity by decreasing time spent searching for images and project information

HKS is a leading architectural design firm with 26 offices and over 1100 employees worldwide. The Global Knowledge Services Team has embarked on a global initiative to provide a platform for sharing information across the organization, allowing HKS employees to make informed decisions by creating a single source of information for project and company performance.In order to achieve this, HKS is investing in systems that encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing, and allow them to easily leverage information to further benefit clients and teams.


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The Global Knowledge Services team, Information Technology, and leaders across the firm are focused on creating a self-service model that cultivates a culture of curation that reduces search time. By weaving together compatible platforms like OpenAsset, Unily, Microsoft Dynamics, and Deltek Vision, we have the ability to create a more seamless and comprehensive search.


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Our previous DAM system was limited to a small group of contributors which created a bottlenecked process that was inconvenient for users to quickly and easily share project information. By utilizing the content management system OpenAsset offers, we can democratize uploading capabilities and create a more convenient way for users to contribute. This can increase productivity within our teams by decreasing interruptions previously required to resurface images and project information.


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The digital asset manager was tasked with creating and implementing the workflow within OpenAsset. The focus was on marketing managers and key contributors to determine how people were searching, what type of images were requested, descriptions and phrases commonly used, and how they used the information. This lead the way in creating a fluid and all-encompassing keyword list that would be familiar to our users.

Our account manager and the support team walked us through every step of implementation from data migration to company launch. They are still in constant contact, providing support, recommendations, and updates.


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Our marketing teams now have the ability to search for, and deliver, the most current images and associated data faster than ever before. We are able to provide clear communication of risk-reducing information, such as usage rights, allowing our teams to understand any limitations before they use it.

Implementing OpenAsset was the beginning of effectively surfacing all our visual assets and reducing search time. Being able to quickly see image options that can span all of our market sectors at once has been quite impactful. It’s a very different browsing experience from almost having to know what you were looking for in order find it. New systems, like OpenAsset, work towards eliminating the antiquated nature of storing images and information in folders and disconnected shadow databases.


HKS, Inc. is ranked among the top six architectural engineering firms, according to Building Design+Construction magazine. Our project experience includes corporate headquarters, office buildings, healthcare facilities, sports facilities, hotels and resorts, banks, government and aviation facilities, convention centers, religious, public buildings, multi-family housing, educational facilities, science and technology, retail and industrial projects located in 1,742 cities throughout 88 countries.

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