Why Real Estate Companies are Now Noticing DAM

In my last blog post I discussed how we’re seeing more and more Real Estate companies choose OpenAsset as their digital asset management (DAM) system. I wanted to expand on this and talk about the differences and similarities between our core base of ‘Project’ centric clients (Architects, Engineers, Construction) and ‘Property’ based clients (Commercial and Residential Real Estate).

Large architectural firms rely on their images library to sell design concepts and to display the expertise of their firm. Image and video assets are used throughout the design and construction phases of projects. Professional photographers are often hired to take high quality images that will be used for many years for promotional materials, in both print and digital.

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Residential Real Estate companies are marketing and selling the very projects our architectural and construction clients help design and build. Post build, the responsibilities of the Real Estate agency is to ensure tenants fill the buildings. This requires a lot of marketing collateral including brochures, fliers, home or apartment floor plans, signage and more to attract top tenants or buyers.

Commercial Real Estate goes beyond Residential Real Estate, where even post leasing, properties require management and marketing. Commercial Real Estate is fast paced, where marketing properties are continuous and include on-location event promotion, seasonal activities at properties, promotional videos, building ad space leasing, high end photography of offices and stores, store and office floor plans, aerial photography of high rise developments, brochures for prime office leasing, retail partnerships to drive property values, branding and building assets… the list goes on.

Real Estate marketers have needs very similar to their cousins in the AEC world. They both use the same tools and workflows to market their properties or projects, which OpenAsset was designed for. There are many advantages to using a DAM vendor with domain experience to manage your many Real Estate assets from auto tagging to organization, to easy template creation, a property centric DAM makes it easier to market your listings giving you more time to actually – sell!

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