What is DAM and why does it matter in AEC?

Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms have more digital image assets and more opportunities for sharing them than ever before. The growing need for high quality photos and the increasing ease in obtaining them means that AEC photo libraries are growing rapidly, and could be taking a toll on your teams’ efficiency. If you’re not considering Digital Asset Management (DAM), you may be missing something that your competitors aren’t.

Common photo management problems

  • Image assets are saved to multiple locations
  • It’s unclear which images are approved for external use
  • Large, high-resolution files are becoming a burden on IT resources

How fast are image libraries growing?

Looking ahead, most marketers believe the growth of the digital asset landscape will only continue to escalate—56% say their firms will create more or a lot more images this year than last Year.

Why are image libraries growing so quickly?

More Devices = More Images
Better technology means it’s much easier to obtain high-quality photographs for marketing purposes

Social Media Content
Marketers are in need of engaging visual and multimedia content to share on social media

High Quality Marketing
To remain competitive, companies require high quality photos for proposals and presentations

Strengthened focus on creating dynamic website and mobile experiences that showcase your company’s project experience

What is DAM?

DAM systems provide two essential functions to help manage media assets: controlled creation and capture of asset metadata, and tools to improve image workflows.

Basic DAM features

Create and capture metadata

  • Tag images with metadata like client name, services rendered, discipline, location, and other key data
  • Extract metadata from existing data repositories like Deltek Vision, Union Square, SalesForce, or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Store copyright and photographer information alongside image assets
  • Easily find images with advanced metadata search options

Asset workflows

  • Integrate with your SharePoint intranet or CMS system to push DAM content to end users
  • Speed document creation by connecting with desktop publishing systems like InDesign and PowerPoint
  • Control which images certain users have permission to view, download, or edit
  • Be a centralized image resource for your whole team—across offices, worldwide

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