We’ve partnered with Templafy to seamlessly connect OpenAsset with PowerPoint and Word

OpenAsset is built around enabling your teams to use imagery to create elegant and visually impactful work. By making your firm’s project images easily accessible and connecting with the applications you use every day, OpenAsset helps you to create materials that showcase your firm’s best work when presenting to clients or pitching for new business.

We are excited to announce we have signed a partnership agreement with Templafy to offer a new connector that will seamlessly integrate OpenAsset with PowerPoint and Word. Helping users to find images and use them in applications is central to how we offer value to our customers, and this partnership will allow us to deliver further on this aim. 

How does the OpenAsset Templafy Connector work?

The OpenAsset Templafy Connector offers a search module within PowerPoint and Word applications. Simply enter a search term and the connector will display relevant content from your OpenAsset library, which you can add directly to the document you are working on.

If you regularly create documents like slide decks or project sheets in PowerPoint and Word, the connector will dramatically improve this workflow. By choosing an image in the connector and selecting an image placeholder, a perfectly resized image will be imported straight into the document you are working on. As well as making the process seamless for users, you can ensure that your brand guidelines for document creation are adhered to.

The simplicity of the OpenAsset Templafy Connector allows users to access your approved marketing images without leaving the document they are working on. You can simply upload an image to OpenAsset and your users can access it via the connector without needing to log in or search for the file in OpenAsset. This will help you to increase firm-wide access to your best project images.

How can I access the Connector?

The OpenAsset Templafy Connector is available and ready to use now. It is purchased as an add-on to your existing OpenAsset subscription. Get in touch with us for a demonstration of the connector in action.

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