Integrations that Help You Streamline Workflows

OpenAsset offers a range of options for integrating with other systems that you use every day. As well as simplifying the process of configuring OpenAsset within your organization’s existing tech stack, integrations be used to optimise processes that can often be repetitious and time-consuming.

There are three principle ways in which integrations with OpenAsset can be set up:

  • Many integrations are built into our product and are ready to use with minimal configuration work. Tools like the Deltek Vision Connector and InDesign Plugin are purpose-built to assist with workflows that require OpenAsset to be used alongside other systems.
  • Through our partnership with the online automation tool Zapier, we offer over one hundred integrations with popular web applications. ‘Zaps’ can be set up without the need for coding or relying on developers to build the integrations.
  • OpenAsset users can access our REST API to develop custom integrations. We will provide documentation and recommended best practices to help your team build API integrations.

Using one of the methods above, it is possible to successfully build an integration between OpenAsset and virtually any other system that uses modern programming language. In this blog, we outline how these integrations can be used to streamline commonly-used workflows for people in your organization.

Creating marketing materials

OpenAsset works seamlessly with a range of popular publishing platforms. With the InDesign Plugin, you can drag and drop images directly from a browser window into your InDesign document. This allows you to work with cloud-based assets that don’t need to be stored locally on your PC. Images can be upgraded to high-resolution at the point of packaging your document and OpenAsset will automatically preserve your image links.

You can also use OpenAsset to automatically generate formatted documents in programs like PowerPoint. Using customizable templates, images will be automatically resized and metadata such as project name and keywords can be pulled into your document.

Read more about integrating with InDesign and PowerPoint.

Updating your CMS

Updating images across multiple platforms can be a time-consuming process. With Zapier you can set up an automated workflow whereby images added to OpenAsset would also be added to a CMS like WordPress. Another time-saving integration would be using an RSS feed to display an album of images in OpenAsset within a SharePoint site. This would enable you quickly inform your staff about project updates simply by uploading images to OpenAsset.

Read more about integrating with WordPress and SharePoint.

Integrations that Help You Streamline Workflows

Project management

OpenAsset integrates with a range of popular project management tools like and Jira. New projects and updates to project data fields in your Project Management system can be automatically added to OpenAsset, reducing the duplication of work between systems and removing errors in data entry.

Read more about integrating with and Jira.

Integrations that Help You Streamline Workflows

Keyword management

If you need to review the project keywords currently used by your firm, asking your colleagues review individual project pages in OpenAsset could be arduous. Instead, you could use the Excel spreadsheet tool to export your project keywords to a CSV file, which can then be quickly reviewed and edited. We are currently developing a data importer that would enable you to edit your existing keyword structure via a CSV file, which will be available to use soon!

Read more about integrating with Excel.

Posting to social media

OpenAsset can easily be connected to your social media accounts. Instead of updating accounts individually, or using an external platform such as Hootsuite, images in OpenAsset can be added to a company album in order to trigger posts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Tools within OpenAsset such as image cropping and custom sizes can also remove the need to use image editing software like Photoshop before posting.

Read more about integrating with Pinterest and Instagram.

Integrations that Help You Streamline Workflows

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