Integrating OpenAsset with Your CRM

Digital Asset Management offers you a tool for storing all of the files that bring value to your organization in a single, centralized location. It functions as the go-to place for accessing images, video, floor plans, logos and other materials that can be used for producing marketing or bid proposal documents, ensuring these remain searchable over time.

A customer relationship management (CRM) system allows businesses to keep track of all interactions with clients, providing sales agents and customer support teams with up-to-date contact and campaign information. OpenAsset supports integrations with a number of popular CRM systems including Cosential, Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zoho.

For AEC firms, there are a number of ways in which integrating OpenAsset with a CRM system can be beneficial.

  • Provide visual context to communications – a CRM system should be able to provide all the key information you need to know about a contact or a client at a glance. Featuring selections of images from albums within OpenAsset on an account page can provide examples of key photos that help to contextualise a conversation or email about a particular project you are working on. Your team can also quickly access important files and documents without leaving the application, making people’s work more efficient.
  • Simplify DAM organization – when an opportunity at your firm develops into a project, an integration between your CRM and DAM will enable you to generate a new project in OpenAsset with minimal effort. Key project-related information can be pushed into OpenAsset via custom fields, removing the need for manual data entry and the errors that inevitably result from this process. By making the process of updating key information as simple as possible, users are more likely to adopt new systems and this information will become more accessible to your staff.
  • Automate document creation – one of the main benefits of OpenAsset is the ability to use customizable templates in order to push project information and images into publishing platforms like InDesign and PowerPoint. This enables you to generate formatted documents like bid proposals, contact sheets, and presentations at the click of a button. If your firm stores project information in your CRM system, we can help you to leverage this data in the documents that your firm is frequently producing.

Using Zapier, it is possible to set up automated workflows between different web applications without the need to write code. We have already set up a number of ‘Zaps’ between OpenAsset and popular CRM systems that are ready to use right now. Simply follow our help documentation in order to configure these simple integrations.

If you have a more specific requirement for your integration, OpenAsset customers can access our REST API. We offer extensive API documentation and our Customer Success team will share recommended best practices to help you to build your own custom integrations. Our REST API returns JSON, allowing you to develop integrations with virtually any modern system. For more information about REST API integrations click here.

Outlined below are some widely used CRM systems that can be successfully integrated with OpenAsset:


Cosential is a CRM system designed specifically for AEC firms and, as such, it is a popular choice among our customers. AEC firms sell their services and the expertise of their staff to clients, rather than individual products, and it therefore makes sense for their CRM to be structured around projects. Cosential and OpenAsset both share a project-based structure, which makes working between the two systems much simpler.

Learn more about integrating with Cosential.

integrating openasset with CRM


Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM provider, due largely to the ease with which the platform can be configured to suit the needs of your organization. Administrators can add fields to store and track data that is meaningful to your users. OpenAsset offers similar flexibility via custom fields that can be added to your system, enabling you to push information between systems without lengthy development work.

Learn more about integrating with Salesforce.

integrating openasset with CRM


Certain CRM systems such as HubSpot offer additional functionality that allow users to build marketing collateral like web pages, blog posts and email templates. If your team uses HubSpot for creating content, an integration that allows you to access images from OpenAsset within your CRM system could save users significant amounts of time.

Learn more about integrating with HubSpot.

integrating openasset with CRM

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