Improve collaboration and efficiency with DAM integration

We take our integration pretty seriously here at OpenAsset, as it allows users to really get the most out of their DAM implementation. With integrations, the DAM can apply information from project databases as searchable keywords and metadata. Integration also allows you to put your DAM content front and center, on websites, intranets, and mobile devices. Sharing information across systems and teams can improve the quality of DAM content and promote DAM adoption, which increases your return on investment.

Benefits of DAM integration

  • No double-data entry: Syncing data to your DAM saves time, ensures data is up-to-date, and reduces mistakes in data entry
  • Improve data quality: Re-using information strengthens the source repository as the ‘database of truth’ 
  • Improved search experience: With consistent data across multiple platforms, everybody is speaking the same language
  • Encourage DAM adoption: Integrating your DAM with websites, intranet, and mobile devices makes content easily accessible, and increases user adoption
  • Boost website SEO: You’ve already done the work of keywording your DAM content, and pushing that information to your website is SEO gold

OpenAsset integrates with leading AEC systems

We’ve partnered with leading AEC software providers Deltek and Knowledge Architecture to develop out-of-the-box integrations between Deltek Vision and KA Synthesis. We also use a REST API to allow integrations between OpenAsset and other enterprise systems. Read more about OpenAsset’s integrations here.

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