Construction Proposal and RFP Checklist

As a construction company, every RFP and proposal represents an opportunity to grow your firm and win more business. Yet, the level of detail and number of people involved often complicates the proposal writing process. Overworked and understaffed, it’s all too easy for proposal writers to miss something important. 

Fortunately, this construction RFP checklist has everything you need to write, edit and proof your proposal before you turn it in. 

How To Proof and Edit Your Construction Proposal Before Submission 

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For many construction firms, the RFP and proposal process is the weakest point in their efforts to win new business. Standing in the way of a winning proposal is the firm’s inability to show their value and/or differentiate themselves from the competition. 

RFP Guide: How to Prepare and Edit Your Construction Proposal 

As you read through this guide and familiarize yourself with the construction RFP checklist, remember that winning proposals require:

  • Creativity – To persuade the reader with the unique ways your proposal presents information.
  • Writing Ability – To guide the reader to the ultimate conclusion that your firm is the best choice for the project.
  • Design Elements – To provide a thoughtful layout and improve the aesthetics of your proposal. 
  • Industry Expertise/ SME Collaboration – To demonstrate your firm’s unique qualifications and ability to do what others cannot.
  • Digital Assets – To showcase how your proposal, your team, and your firm differ from all other competitors.

Above all else, construction proposals require teamwork and collaboration from the entire firm. Fortunately, there are tools that enable collaboration and make the proposal creation process easier. You can read all about them in this guide on How to Help Your AEC Firm Win More Business.

What is a Construction RFP (Request for Proposal)

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A request for proposal (RFP) is a public announcement posted by an organization seeking bids for contractors to complete a project. The RFP not only defines the project, but also describes the goals of the entity issuing the RFP, and outlines the bidding process and contract terms.

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

In addition to the physical Request for Proposal document, most construction industry RFPs will include a Request for Qualifications (RFQ). A construction RFQ is a formal document that requests specific details about a firm’s experience, like previously completed projects and credentials. 

Firms who prove they have the desired qualifications will receive an invitation to bid on the project. Firms deemed unqualified are removed from what is usually a very long list of candidates. 

Subsequently, any firm looking to grow its business in the coming year is advised to pay close attention to the quality of its RFQ responses. Fortunately, the American Institute of Architects sought to make the RFQ process easier with a standardized form.  

How to Prepare Bid Documents for Construction Projects 

The bidding and proposal process for most design-build construction contracts in the United States includes the issuance of dozens of documents that provide procedural guidance for firms looking to submit a proposal for consideration. 

RFP Documents Commonly Used in Design-build Construction Projects 

Though the exact makeup of an RFP (i.e. proposal documents) is subject to change from state to state, or even from county to county, most construction RFPs are fairly similar in terms of structure. 

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That said, the list of required documents for each jurisdiction can vary drastically. Therefore, rather than provide an outdated list of documents for your reference, this guide includes RFP Checklists Examples from across the country. 

RFP Checklists Examples

The following RFP Checklist examples were sourced from various jurisdictions around the country and include the various documents and action items that the average construction firm is likely to encounter as they pursue new business. 

How to Manage Construction RFPs and Proposals

When it comes to your RFP strategy, the best way to ensure that all required documents are drafted and submitted correctly is to implement a software solution to manage the proposal writing process. One such solution is OpenAsset, the only Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution designed specifically for firms in the built world. Aside from our checklists and general guidance, we’ve also created a helpful template to draft a strong proposal. Check out our architecture proposal template for a downloadable template that outlines what top firms include as they build their RFPs.

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