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[Infographic] Key Solutions for a Successful AEC Technology Stack

Published on 6th April 2017 at 21:27 by Roger Erra

[Infographic] Key Solutions for a Successful AEC Technology Stack

Deciding on the right sales and marketing technology for your AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) firm can be overwhelming with so many solutions available today. To simplify the process, we’ve suggested a tech stack with components specifically selected to integrate seamlessly to empower AEC marketing and business development teams with the tools they need most.

To magnify and view the infographic in your browser click here, or click on the infographic below. To learn more about building a successful AEC Tech stack, download the full whitepaper.

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Infographic Sources:

Over 600 AEC and real estate firms use OpenAsset to manage their digital assets

Over 4,000 professional services firms around the world use Deltek Vision. (this is for the ERP)

35% of AEC firms use the Deltek Vision CRM module

25% of the world’s websites run on WordPress

4800+ companies use Act-On

At least 45% of the world’s websites use Google Analytics

Over 2,100 A/E firms use Deltek Ajera to grow their firms.

Over 100k architects, engineers and environmental consultants use BST Global.

Salesforce has 5x the market share of any other CRM on the planet.

Microsoft Dynamics is the choice for 4% of all CRM systems.

80+ AEC firms leverage Synthesis to activate knowledge sharing within their firms.

Over 12k websites run on Sitecore.

Nearly 70k websites use Hubspot.

Over 60% of Fortune 50 companies use the Adobe Marketing Cloud

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