10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas: Part Two

In our first post, we evaluated how Real Estate firms can benefit from high-quality visuals, blogs, newsletters, press releases, and social media. In the second installment of our 10 Real Estate marketing ideas, we’ll be looking at how you can build relationships with your potential leads and clients as well as improve your search engine optimization.

Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead Nurturing email campaigns target your potential clients by providing them with a series of content until they are ready to use your services. Your lead nurturing email lists should be well segmented as not all of your prospects will be interested in or resonate with the same content.

By segmenting and prioritizing your leads, you should be able to provide them with relevant content. Your emails should include the property listings which they may be interested in as well as relevant blog posts, ebooks, and other digital content you may have on your website. To encourage engagement you should also include images, GIFS, and videos where possible as well as Call To Action buttons that lead to your contact page or website. Monitoring your lead nurturing email campaigns is important as this will give you additional insight as to which leads are more engaged which can be a prompt for further contact from your sales team.

Mobile Website Optimisation

Mobile-friendly websites are a must-have for all businesses. According to Statista, there were 2.32 billion smartphone users worldwide and this figure is expected to grow to 2.87 billion by 2020, which is why a website that can adapt to any screen size and deliver information effectively can be valuable to Real Estate firms. Here are some of the benefits of a mobile-optimised website:

  • Improved user experience: Mobile-optimised websites allow users to receive the same information and usability as they would on a desktop website without having to swipe across the screen to view the whole page.
  • Faster download speed: The download speed from mobile-optimised websites is faster and more efficient which means a reduced waiting time for the user.
  • Improved engagement: Mobile-optimised websites can have instant engagement features such as a “click to call” button which allows them to contact you without going through the form fill.
  • Improves SEO: Search engines take mobile optimization into account for rankings which can boost your visibility to prospects and put you above the competition.
internet search for real estate marketing ideas

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a number of processes used to improve a website’s visibility in search engine results. Improving your SEO is a reliable method to increase your ranking which can generate inbound traffic to your website and provide you with potential leads. Achieving a high ranking in search engine results is an ongoing task and it does take time. However, attaining a high search engine ranking can be done over time through these steps:

  • Create quality content – Your digital content should include keywords related to your firm and industry and the content should be targeted to your core audience. The content should also be promoted on your social media platforms which link back to your website in order to increase web traffic.
  • Photos & Videos – Images and videos are engaging pieces of content that are more likely to get clicks. Link your visual content to your blog posts and social media in order to encourage engagement and web traffic.
  • Take advantage of your directories – Your firm may already be listed on directories however you should make use of the paid promotions they have to offer as it can increase your visibility on their platform as well as on search engines.
  • Reviews – Although your firm may receive great feedback over the phone or via email, you should encourage your clients to post their feedback online. By increasing your reviews on Google and rating on Facebook, your website ranking may increase in search engine results.

Google Business Page

Google provides a useful tool for organizations to use to manage their online presence across Google. The Google My Business tool allows you to verify and edit your business information such as your location which enables customers to find your business on Google search results.

Setting up a Google My Business account increases your visibility with branded terms such as your company name. Your page will also be populated with other company information such as opening hours, reviews, address, and images.

The major benefit of having a Google My Business page is the Google Map location feature, this allows your business to appear as a nearby location if a user searches for “Real Estate Agents” in their current location. This feature also gives your clients and potential leads instant access to your contact information when needed. It also puts you above your local competition if they do not have a Google Business Page as they may not appear as a search result.

Google search for real estate marketing ideas

Host Seminars & Webinars

Building a relationship with your clients and potential leads shouldn’t always be based on a transaction, it should be developed from the first point of contact. As investing money into Real Estate comes with some risk and responsibility, it is essential for your clients and potential leads to trust you.

Hosting a seminar or webinar can be beneficial for Real Estate firms as it allows you to provide your clients and leads with your knowledge and expertise in a personable manner and it enables you to establish which of your leads are more interested in your services. Whether you host a seminar or webinar will depend on which segment your services are intended for. For example, a seminar may be more suitable for a residential Real Estate firm as this allows your sales team to meet their clients, you’ll be able to explain the home buying process to first-time buyers and answer any questions in regard to fees and forms which many of your clients may have. On the other hand, a webinar may be ideal for Commercial Real Estate firms as it allows you to reach a wider audience because your clients may be from overseas or from different time zones.

Marketing ideas are continuously changing and growing as the world changes with technology. Real Estate marketers need to evaluate their marketing strategies and ideas to maintain the effectiveness of their marketing and to generate high-quality leads. Check out our E-Book on the Digital Transformation of AEC & Real Estate for more information.

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