OpenAsset & InDesign

OpenAsset is optimised to work alongside InDesign, helping you to create professional marketing documents fast

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Streamline document creation workflows using the OpenAsset InDesign Plugin

Using the OpenAsset InDesign Plugin you can now work seamlessly between the two applications.

The plugin enables you to drag and drop images directly into InDesign documents. Create documents using cloud-based assets with no more broken links.

With custom templates you can push images and project information from OpenAsset into branded documents in InDesign. Empower anyone in your firm to create professional marketing materials at the click of a button.

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What you can expect from the plugin:

Drag and drop images from OpenAsset directly into InDesign documents

Image links are maintained by the plugin and assets remain stored in the cloud

Push images and project information from OpenAsset into documents using custom templates

Work collaboratively by storing InDesign documents in OpenAsset

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