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Use Your Digital Assets To Grow Your Brand And Win Business

Marketing collateral, proposals and bid documents are just a few of the places OpenAsset DAM can help you make an impact with your digital assets. With DAM you can not only find your best assets to use but also streamline workflows, so you create assets that win you business more easily.

Create Marketing Collateral And Proposals Easily

AEC and Real Estate firms often need to create large volumes of marketing collateral and proposal documents. DAM can make the day to day creation of documents simple enough that others across your business can do it.

Branded Templates

Use branded templates for a scalable solution to document creation across your business using InDesign, PowerPoint and Word.

Employee Resumes

Generate employee resumes within minutes with our Employee Module and synchronized data from your ERP or HR system with employee related digital assets.

Marketing Collateral

OpenAsset is designed to make sure your best digital assets are available and ready for use across all of your marketing channels and documents.

Streamline Workflows

As part of your tech stack DAM can deliver a lot of value to your workflows freeing up time to focus on other core tasks.

Custom Image Specifications

Set image specifications for your most regular applications of assets such as social media, email header or website carousel. Images are automatically created for all specs on upload.

Drag And Drop Into Your Applications

Save time using your images in documents and proposals by dragging and dropping straight from your DAM into your application such as InDesign or PowerPoint.

No More Broken Links

OpenAsset makes using previously created documents really simple through maintaining link integrity. No more searching for missing images, documents are ready to use.

Show Your Project Portfolio

Maximise the use of your DAM through utilising it as a project portfolio that you can use both internally and externally to your business.

A Portfolio For Prospects And Clients

Present your digital assets via an always available online project portfolio.

Grow Company Knowledge

Your DAM is a primary source of project information for your teams through a combination of project and employee digital assets with synchronized data from your HR or ERP system.

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