Seamless Integration with Deltek Vision at Affiliated Engineers

Seamless Integration with Deltek Vision at Affiliated Engineers
Affiliated Engineers, Inc (AEI)

Leading engineered building systems consultant Affiliated Engineers, Inc. (AEI) has 11 office locations worldwide. Each location had images saved in their own unique folder structure. The team needed to bring these assets together quickly in a shared, easily searchable, web-based image library. It was also essential to AEI that their library integrate seamlessly with Deltek Vision, the project database that they had been using for years.


For each project in Deltek Vision we already had client and project names and numbers, and by having the same information in OpenAsset it just linked everything together. Everything has a common name. We speak in acronyms a lot, so it helps with consistency. We’re not having to enter all the information again manually.

The Connector is very slick. Basically you just press a button. I’d definitely recommend using the connector rather than practices developing a way of doing it themselves. The time savings are well worth it.


It was important to use the data we already had. And the data migration process was quite smooth. Axomic know the product and how the migration works, so we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. We asked ourselves if we could do it internally, but in the end it came down to using Axomic’s expertise. I would definitely recommend it to other clients.

We had our existing image management system as a starting point, and then we thought about how we wanted to search in order to respond quickly to people’s requests. Our company has a wide variety of markets and disciplines, and image types, so being able to tag our images quickly by just checking a box is really convenient for us. The keywording structure in OpenAsset has been wonderful for us in maintaining consistency.

Usage of the system continues to increase. We launched it to the marketing team in our Madison office first and then we rolled it out to the other offices. Axomic provided the training for the initial launch. The system is really easy to use and most of our staff walked away from the training session knowing exactly what to do. I didn’t need to do much follow-up at all.


We looked at the way we used our images and what the needs were, and now people are able to instantly access images of the appropriate size for their work.

The system speaks to our industry. It understands the fact that our work is project based. And through this it has lessened the learning curve for users. I would definitely recommend OpenAsset to other firms – and I have.


Integrate with Deltek Vision

Successful migration of data from multiple locations

Instant access to & automatic resizing of image


Jennifer Folmer


About Affiliated Engineers, Inc (AEI)

AEI’s engineers and planners have 11 offices in the USA and Middle East. AEI is a group of technical professionals whose clients require an integrated approach to their projects, and therefore AEI offers a complete range of planning, development and design services. AEI achieves industry excellence by providing functional, reliable, efficient, and flexible design solutions across a range of related project types including healthcare facilities, research laboratories, and precision testing environments.

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