Who will use Digital Asset Management in your Business?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is often seen as a tool for the marketing team. However, in reality, a DAM will be used by many teams across your business. Any team that uses images or other digital content to complete their day to day work is a stakeholder in your DAM.

A DAM brings with it efficiency. People no longer need to frantically email colleagues to find the most recent PowerPoint slides and document templates. They’re at the fingertips of everyone in your organization.

A good, well-structured DAM will allow employees across your organization to access images and files with ease. This helps reduce persistent requests for documents, images, image resizing and other time consuming small activities. Teams can focus on the important stuff – winning new business.

Marketing Management & Team

Often it is Marketing that suggests implementing DAM in the first place (which is why a DAM is often viewed as a marketing tool).

Marketing understands the pain of inefficient asset management. When a team is up against tight deadlines, trying to find a missing file is not an efficient use of time. A well-managed DAM means this becomes a thing of the past.

As the gatekeepers of the company brand, DAM also represents a tool for extended brand control. Consistent and up to date brand assets mean no more awkward discussions about why out of date content was presented to a prospect. You can relax knowing only approved brand assets are being used in RFPs, at client meetings or in front of peers at a conference.

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being produced every day, you’ve got tough competition for eyeballs. When you need to act quickly and take advantage of an opportunity, you need your freshest and most relevant content and you need it available now.

Content ‘On Tap’

Growing your company channels. Getting your brand out there. You want to showcase how great your company is with your best photos, blog posts, and video; a DAM means you have the best of your digital content on tap.

With OpenAsset you can set specs for images. This means that when you upload images, they can be automatically sized to requirements – website, emails, social media. Any channel your firm is using to win business can be catered for.

Then, of course, there is the day to day management of images. As an AEC or Real Estate firm, you regularly have site images, finished project images and walk through videos coming in. This content needs to be stored where it can be easily found and accessed. This is usually the responsibility of marketing; the upkeep on this process can be significant. With a DAM you can store images by project and search by keywords and categories.

Open Asset For Marketers:

  • Traffic light label system: have clearly defined access levels and differentiate between image uses, including marketing approved images.
  • Project-based filing: your business is based around projects so OpenAsset DAM reflects that.
  • Customizable tagging: take control of your brand assets based on how your team uses and searches for them.
  • Multimedia uploads: images, videos, logos, pencil drawings, you name it, chances are OpenAsset can store it.
  • Search: save time across your business finding any image

Graphic Designers

A good DAM could be your new best friend. You know better than most how much time can be lost to searching for that ideal project photo. You remember what it looks like… but which folder was it stored in?

As a Graphic Designer, you want to spend time perfecting that bid presentation. Or maybe making sure this year’s annual report look even better than last year’s. So for you, you want a fast image search function and seamless integration with InDesign. And if that integration allows you to place images with ease and maintain image links, well, that’s fewer ‘preflight’ errors to worry about.

Open Asset For Graphic Designers:

  • Search: makes finding images and media for your design projects easy.
  • Traffic light label system: know immediately how and where you can use images based on this simple color-coded system.
  • InDesign integration: drag and drop multiple images from the DAM straight to your InDesign file. No more broken or missing links as everything is linked from OpenAsset.
  • Batch uploading with metadata: upload multiple images at once and have the project data and keywords automatically assigned to every image. No more copy and paste!
  • Image metadata uploading: whether it’s copyright or photographer details, this data is automatically pulled through and attached to every image. No manual inputs and lost image data.

Architects and Team Leads

You’ve worked on a lot of projects, now you’re bidding for the next one. Maybe you’ve had time to prepare for the presentation, or maybe it’s come up at the last minute. Either way, you need the best images to showcase your projects and you need to find them at your fingertips.

Those images also need to be at the right spec; they need to be ready to be dragged and dropped into templates. That’s why a DAM is great for you and your team; you might not use it every day, but when you do you’ll love how easy it makes your job. It makes finding brand assets and images effortless. As a result, a DAM means you can pull documents together quicker than ever.

Open Asset For Architects & Team Leads:

  • Search: cut down on the time it takes to find images and media for any project or keyword.
  • Traffic light label system: know straight away how and where you can use images based on this simple color-coded system.
  • Project-based filing: All assets, simply stored and easy to find by project.
  • Bespoke templates: OpenAsset will help you to setup bespoke templates in Word and Powerpoint. All you have to do is drag and drop.

Partners and Business Development

You’re out there visiting potential clients. You’re telling them why they should choose your company over the competition. You’re showing them just how awesome your previous projects were.

Your presentations take time and effort to put together, from crafting a killer pitch to checking the numbers. But finding images shouldn’t be hard work. With OpenAsset you have preset templates ready to go. You can search for marketing approved images and simply drag and drop them into place. This means you have more time to focus on fine-tuning your presentation to really impress your clients and prospects.

Open Asset For Partners & Business Development:

  • Bespoke templates: OpenAsset will help you setup bespoke templates in Word and Powerpoint. All you have to do is drag and drop, saving you time when you need a new presentation.
  • Search: cut down on the time it takes to find images and media by project or keyword.
  • Project-based filing: All assets, simply stored and easy to find by project.
  • Traffic light label system: know straight away which images are marketing approved.

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