Post-Pandemic Trends Impacting AEC Marketing in 2021


Published on 26th October 2021

AEC Marketers Report Struggle to Provide Consistent Brand Image


The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we live and work. From construction and real estate to engineering and architecture, hybrid workforces are now the norm throughout the built world.  

AEC firms—and the marketers that promote them—must now adapt to the new environment if they are to survive in the industry, let alone win new business. We polled marketers throughout the AEC industry (over 400 firms) to see what they had to say about the state of the industry. 

Here we discuss key takeaways from our poll and provide insight into how AEC marketers use martech to respond to new challenges.

The State of AEC Marketing in 2021

The majority of AEC firms surveyed said their marketing team is overworked, understaffed and plagued by inefficient processes. Fortunately, the following insights from the survey show that firms who embrace digital asset management (DAM) can improve operational efficiency, increase productivity and better prepare for the future.

63% of AEC Marketers Struggle to Manage Digital Assets

Among survey respondents, 63% of AEC marketers said they struggle to manage the digital assets (images, brand material, videos, etc) they need to provide a consistent brand image across multiple channels.

Unfortunately, time lost to these inefficiencies adds up. 68% of AEC marketers surveyors said they’ve worked longer hours since the start of 2021. More than a quarter have had to cancel or reschedule a vacation because of work.

94% of AEC Marketers Rely on MarTech Solutions in 2021

Survey Results

Among survey respondents, 94% of AEC marketers said they now leverage martech solutions to adjust to new challenges. 45% of respondents said their tech stack now includes more than one martech solution. 

57% of AEC Marketers Leverage a Digital Asset Management Solution

According to our survey, 57% of AEC marketers said they leverage a DAM solution like OpenAsset to manage their images, brand material and other digital assets. The cloud-based solution enables marketers to organize, access and share their massive libraries of data and images.

Among those already using DAM technology, more than 75% experienced higher productivity, increased efficiency and quicker turnaround times on proposals, RFPs and other projects. 

Only 19% of AEC Marketers Say Their MarTech Solution Integrates with Their Tech Stack

Despite the increased efficiency, only 19% of AEC marketers say their martech solution integrates with the rest of their tech stack. This gap presents a real challenge for AEC firms already dealing with an unprecedented labor shortage

Fortunately, there is a DAM solution for AEC marketers that not only integrates with their tech stack, but also with the best project-based ERP and CRM, construction project management and document creation tools. 

From Zapier to RESTful API, OpenAsset is the only project-based DAM to integrate with the tools and platforms AEC marketers use most. Follow the link to learn more about OpenAsset integrations or to connect OpenAsset with the systems you use every day.

21% of AEC Marketers Say Business Development is a Key Challenge

21% of AEC marketers believe that a continued lack of resources will make business development a key challenge in 2021. Despite the lack of resources, 83% of AEC marketers say emerging marketing technologies will improve their ability to work more efficiently.

79% of AEC Marketers Plan to Implement New MarTech in 2022

Among survey respondents, 79% of AEC marketers say they plan to implement new marketing technology in the coming year. This is especially significant considering the technological changes and demands of the AEC industry. 

2021 AEC Marketing Survey Results: AEC Marketers Lack Resources To Present a Consistent Brand Image

These survey results indicate that AEC marketing personnel in 2021 are not only understaffed and overworked, they are struggling with an endemic technical skills shortage and a tech stack that doesn’t suit their needs.

In other words, AEC marketers in 2021 do not have the tools or people they need to present a consistent brand image, which is the core competency of any marketing department. 

The Future of AEC Marketing Technology

Despite the challenges, AEC is poised to grow alongside technological advancements in the coming years. And innovative martech solutions like OpenAsset are making it easier for AEC marketers to do more in less time.

Designed for firms in the built world, OpenAsset is the preferred project-based DAM solution for Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Real Estate firms across the world.

Follow the link for more insights on the AEC industry or schedule a demo of OpenAsset with one of our solution experts. Don’t forget to follow OpenAsset on social media for exclusive offers and valuable insight for AEC and Real Estate firms.