Top OpenAsset Integrations For 2019

For companies managing large image libraries, Digital Asset Management is a key component of their tech stack and it is central to workflows involving the retrieval of images. Increasingly, we have come to expect the systems we use every day to offer integrations that allow them to speak to each other, offering a more seamless user experience and increasing their usefulness by overlapping in their functions.

Our recently launched partnership with the online automation tool Zapier has substantially increased the number of integrations that can be set up between OpenAsset and your core business platforms. These can be used to automate workflows, synchronize data and increase process visibility within your organization. The setup process is straightforward and by visiting our Help Centre or contacting our Customer Success team, you can be up and running with them in next to no time.

In this blog we run through some of the most useful integrations that are ready to use now.

Salesforce is a Goliath of the CRM industry, boasting 150,000 customers and a 19.6% market share. It is central to business processes for sales, customer success and marketing and due to the relative ease of configuration and use, it can reasonably claim to be the world’s number 1 CRM platform.

  • Create a new project in OpenAsset every time you create a new campaign, opportunity or custom object in Salesforce – read more

2018 was a banner year for messaging app Slack hit 8 million daily active users. Part of the key to Slack’s considerable success is that it offers the path of least resistance for keeping teams in touch and up to date. Near universal file compatibility and the ability to push notifications and status updates from other web apps ensures it is one of the most popular choices for internal comms.

  • Send a Slack message for a new project added to OpenAsset – read more

Pinterest is used widely in creative firms as a way of encouraging groups to work collaboratively on tasks like building mood boards for ideas generation. It offers teams the ability to bookmark sources of inspiration from across the web in a way that’s visually focussed and user friendly.

  • Upload an image pinned on Pinterest to OpenAsset – read more

Github is a widely used tool in the software development industry and it is central to how the engineering team at OpenAsset collaborate on projects. The version control system allows teams to keep track of iterative changes, simplifying the process of writing, reviewing and improving code before it is launched into a product.

  • Update project fields in OpenAsset with data from GitHub repos – read more

Launched in 2005, WordPress is now the most popular online publishing platform, powering 32% of the world’s websites (including OpenAsset’s). Part of the appeal of WordPress is that it helps developers and content managers to build sites around high quality imagery, which can be easily managed in the Media Library and optimised through the use of plugins and SEO tools.

  • Upload new images to WordPress when they are uploaded to OpenAsset – read more

During the research and development of our recently launched Employee Module feature, we discovered that Deltek Vision was the most commonly used system for storing employee data for AEC firms. Our purpose-built connector for Deltek Vision is available as an add-on feature that allows your to synchronise data between Deltek Vision and OpenAsset at the click of a button.

  • Map data from Deltek Vision to customizable employee fields in OpenAsset – read more

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