The Role of Customer Success in Your Product Journey

Every tech company seems to have a Customer Success team, but despite widespread popularity, there continues to be misconceptions about what Customer Success actually does.

So what is Customer Success? How can Customer Success assist you in your customer journey?

A Customer Success team’s primary responsibility is to ensure customers succeed. Success can mean different things for every customer – with wildly varying needs and goals. A successful Customer Success Representative is able to work with the customer to pinpoint those needs and build solutions to achieve the customer’s goals.

Customer Success isn’t static – a rep continues to work with customers to continually refine goals and address ongoing questions and feedback throughout the use of the product. When working with a company or product like OpenAsset, Customer Success’ mission is to enable you to achieve the desired results from your product experience and to deliver value through the product now and into the future, ensuring business longevity and continuity.

At OpenAsset, our Customer Success team guides our customers through the customer journey. Beyond training and education, they also:

  • guide the onboarding and migration process from start to launch;

  • improve customer workflows on a case by case basis;

  • update and educate customers on product changes and new features;

  • recommend and establish product best practices in blog posts, webinars and one-on-one sessions;

  • conduct user surveys and collect product feedback;

  • advocate for customers with the product team;

  • and of course; troubleshoot any issues that may occur.

Customer Success plays an essential part in maintaining the health and growth of the OpenAsset community and product. The team also helps to achieve a better understanding of our customers’ needs. They are the eyes and ears of the product team and provide critical feedback that can shape upcoming product changes and updates.

So the next time you hear from your Customer Success rep, remember, we are not here for the hard sell. We are here to assist in your product journey and to ensure you continue to see value from your OpenAsset subscription year over year.

If you have any questions, Customer Success is here to help.

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