Selecting a DAM

Once you’ve determined that you’re ready for DAM, it’s time to decide which DAM is right for you. When selecting a DAM system, there are three main areas of evaluation that you should consider: DAM technology and functionality, industry and company fit, and value. 

DAM technology and functionality

Of course, you’ll want to make sure the DAMs you are considering have the basic features to meet your needs, such as projectbased tagging, a fast file uploader, multiple image search options, and controls for who can and can’t access images. While it’s unlikely that any vendor will meet 100% of your requirements, it’s useful to determine which vendor meets the most critical needs.

Ask your vendor to explain some of the various use cases and workflows that are relevant to your business. You should also take time to consider the product’s development road map, and whether certain functionality will be delivered in the future.

Industry and company fit

During the beginning phases of a DAM implementation, you should be especially confident in your vendor’s expertise. If your vendor has a deep understanding of your industry, they’ll be more likely to provide reliable advice and best practices for a successful implementation. Evaluate your vendors on how closely you can partner with them through the implementation process and beyond.


Beyond the obvious software costs, there are other costs to consider when starting a DAM project. In fact, with some DAM vendors, it’s likely that you will spend more on services than you do on the software itself. Be sure to evaluate your own needs and ask your vendor to clarify their fees for support, training, and customizations.

Read the whitepaper “Getting Started with DAM” to learn what to ask vendors when evaluating DAM technology and functionality, industry and company fit, and value.

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