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Video: OpenAsset Explained in Under 90 Seconds

Daniel emmerson

Published on 19th February 20182 min read

Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with DAM


OpenAsset is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that keeps your files organised and accessible across your team and your business. OpenAsset is the leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool for AEC and real estate professionals. Digital images and brand assets tell your firm’s story and are used everyday by the people in your business. With OpenAsset, creating a firm-wide library of brand-approved marketing images, videos and PDFs is simple.

OpenAsset is designed to meet the specific digital asset management needs of architecture, engineering, construction, real estate and design firms. Our clients are leaders in the industry, and we aim to keep them there through taking the everyday hassle out of finding images and putting them in one simple central system, saving you time and energy so you can focus more on telling people about your business.

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