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Most new clients opt to take advantage of our Data Migration Service to move images from folders (or from another DAM system) into OpenAsset. The Data Migration Service enables our new clients to embark on a super quick implementation of OpenAsset. In just a short amount of time, their system is chock full of content, which looks great when presenting OpenAsset to senior management.

How we migrate images from folders into OpenAsset

1) Locate your image and video files (e.g. pdfs, jpgs, tif, video files): Are these assets in an existing DAM or file folders?

2) Create projects in OpenAsset

3) Import files and metadata

There is very little effort required on the client’s part to go ahead with a Data Migration. We’ve performed this service hundreds of times over the years, and have built some great tools that allow us to leverage the effort that your organisation has spent categorising images into various folders within a legacy folder structure.

Data Migrations aren’t just for new clients

We’re very happy to have clients that have been with us for over 8, 9, 10 years. When visiting such clients our Account Managers often find that, over the years, some staff members have been storing their own personal collections of content. Most often, this happens because they may not realise that this content is suitable for storing, sharing and repurposing via OpenAsset. With a Data Migration, we can help get this content into OpenAsset with minimal effort and cost.

Our Account Managers’ collective experience shows that an OpenAsset implementation is most successful when OpenAsset is the only source for your digital assets.

Building a business case for a Data Migration project

Building a business case for a Data Migration Service is straightforward and easy to justify. Your first step should be to identify the content in your business that is sitting outside of OpenAsset, and why. We’ve written before about other parts of the organization (project teams, communications staff, and even HR) that may have digital assets that could be useful for the company to have in OpenAsset.

If you’ve got a high volume of images that aren’t in the DAM yet, a Data Migration is a quick way to solve this problem and encourage users to continue to look to OpenAsset as the single source of your organization’s digital assets.

Visit our help site to learn more, and contact your account manager to learn how to get started with a Data Migration project.

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