Making OpenAsset Work for your Business: Managing Non Project Images

OpenAsset is a project based DAM which is why it works so well for AEC and real estate companies, you can group all your assets together and search easily by project and across projects. But what do you do with your assets that don’t relate to a project? Such as staff photos, reference images or logos?

This is where categories come into play. Outside of projects you can set up additional categories that group non project images together. Each category has their own set of keywords which make the files searchable.

If we take staff images as an example, you can create a keyword structure that will work across all files that relate to staff.

But staff images is an easy one with some fairly straightforward keywords, let’s tackle something a little trickier, reference images. These might be images of buildings, cladding techniques or landscapes for example which you may have pulled from Google, Getty or any external source. Where do they live?

Categories will allow you to group these reference images together and attach keywords to each file either in a batch update or on an individual file basis. Category keywords are customizable and will give you a predefined list that you can attach to files.

So you can set up any number of categories that represent your reference files and this is something our OpenAsset Customer Success team will help you with.

How to Use Albums for Project and Non Project Images

Once your non project images are uploaded and in their categories you can also create albums. The best way to think of this is like a Spotify or iTunes playlist, where you can pull files into one place from all categories and projects.

Albums are a great way to curate your files from all across your OpenAsset library. So if you’re working on a new project and you want to pull together some inspirational images from multiple projects and categories this is your place to do it.

Albums can be created just for your own use but you can also use them to create a slideshow or use them to create a link that allows other people to download your images.

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