How to Decipher Digital Lingo

When you’re evaluating technology solutions, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by jargon and confusing abbreviations. Fortunately, the acronyms and terms aren’t as complicated as they seem. We’re here to help break down some of the most common.

Glossary of Digital Terms and Lingo

This AEC marketers guide has everything you need to decipher the terms and lingo commonly used by digital marketers.


API is short for Application Programming Interface. Outside of programming and developer usage, the term API commonly describes how one application or web resource communicates with another. Simply put, an API acts as a messenger that will receive a request, translate it, and bring back a response.

Cloud Computing or Cloud-Based

Cloud computing describes any server or computing service accessible via the Internet. It allows users to access additional computing power and capacity without needing to purchase physical hardware or put IT infrastructure in place. Cloud services could include storage space, applications, or hosting. An example of a cloud-based solution you may already leverage is Google Photos.


A codec is a small computer program that encodes data, a file for transmission or storage (often also compressing it to reduce the file size), or the reverse, decoding a digital file for playback or further use. Common uses for codecs are the encoding/decoding of audio, video, and streaming media.

Data Migration

When an organization purchases a new system to store data, there will be a large volume of files that need to be moved to the new system. Data migration is the process of mapping out what information needs to be transferred between the systems and creating a solution.

Digital Assets

Digital assets are files such as photos, PDFs, videos, or presentations that have been electronically produced, and exist as data on a server, storage drive, or computer system. Chances are, you have a mountain of digital assets to manage, and your library is multiplying by the minute.


Encryption encodes data so it’s secure to transfer across networks, preventing it from being easily read if intercepted. It helps protect your data from potential threats.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

DAM is short for Digital Asset Management, a tool that enables you to manage all your organization’s assets in one place. It’s more than just a storage solution. You’ll also be able to find, use and share assets seamlessly.

Best DAM System for AEC and Digital Marketers

Now that you’re up to speed on the digital lingo, you can get down to business. If that includes managing digital images, check out our blog to learn more about how digital asset management can help.

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