From Design to Leasing. OpenAsset: A Project AND Property Based DAM

OpenAsset has been the favored digital asset management (DAM) tool for AEC companies for over a decade. We started off building OpenAsset with partners in the London architectural market and quickly becoming the leading DAM in the industry by signing notable global clients like Foster + Partners, Balfour Beatty and many more. Our mission was to create a project based DAM which focused on organizing images, videos and PDFs by projects and it has been in our DNA since.

Most of our clients are still in the global architecture, construction and civil engineering market, but in the past 18 months we’ve been signing up a lot of large, respected Commercial Real Estate firms on both sides of the Atlantic. These include prestigious firms like: The Durst Organization, Hammerson and KFH.

So why so much attention from the real estate industry?

It’s because of our unique project structure and features. OpenAsset automatically tags digital assets and organizes them around ‘Projects’, and in doing so it creates great domain expertise in how to manage these assets. This structure can also be applied to real estate, it’s only a hop skip and jump away from managing the same content by ‘Properties’ or ‘Property Assets’. And that’s just what we’re seeing. Our real estate clients manage their corporate marketing assets around their properties and leverage OpenAsset’s productivity tools to improve their marketing processes. And Bingo! Properties are now handled as projects.

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Our architecture and construction clients live in the same realm as real estate. The world of “the built environment”. OpenAsset is the perfect cloud based DAM for project AND property based companies. The workflows to create awesome commercial or residential property and project marketing and content are very similar, and the digital tools used by these marketing teams are the same.

We’re very excited to enter the real estate world. Since doing so, we have realized many of our existing architectural clients are the clients of our new real estate clients. We see great opportunities for synergy in product development and marketing. The virtues of my client’s client being my client are there for all to see.

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