Create Employee Resume Documents at Speed Using OpenAsset

What is the #1 benefit of using the Employee Module?

We have recently canvassed opinion about how our clients are using the Employee Module in OpenAsset. Although our clients have a range of use cases for this workflow, we consistently heard that the main benefit it offers to firms is the time it saves when producing employee resumes.

Instead of compiling employee and project information and manually formatting this in InDesign, the Employee Module enables users to push this information directly from OpenAsset, or from an ERP system like Deltek Vision, straight into pre-formatted InDesign documents. Marketing teams can then spend more time refining the messaging in documents, improving the overall quality of the materials they produce.

How do AEC firms produce employee resume documents?

Owing to the scale of the projects that AEC firms pitch for, and the considerable resources invested into them, trust in the experience and expertise of their staff is essential for successfully acquiring new business. Consequently, Marketing teams can become inundated with requests for up-to-date employee resumes.

This information is often stored across multiple systems that are not designed to be easily searchable. This information is then manually formatted for each resume request and any updates made to the information must be exported back into the system it originated from.

If a change is made to the layout of the resume template, such as when firms undergo a rebrand or merge with another firm, resume documents must be manually updated, often resulting in hundreds of hours of tedious and repetitive work.

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How does the Employee Module improve this process?

With the Employee Module you can connect OpenAsset with your database or ERP system and push this information straight into InDesign documents. If your firm doesn’t use such a system, you can store employee-related information in OpenAsset via custom fields. Users can search for employees and generate large volumes of employee resume documents at the click of a button.

Documents are generated using custom InDesign templates that we will build for you. These will be uniform, ensuring consistency in your output, and any changes to the layout or design can be quickly implemented. Simply contact your Customer Success manager and we can make the updates for you.

Who can use this workflow?

The process of generating resumes in OpenAsset is extremely straightforward. Since it requires no experience of using design software, anyone in your marketing team will be able to use the Employee Module and respond to requests for resume documents.

Using Group Permissions, system administrators have a full range of controls available for determining which OpenAsset users are able to view, create and edit employee objects within OpenAsset.

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I like it. What happens next?

To learn more, watch our Employee Module video. You can leave your details here and we will contact you to discuss this workflow with you.

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