Crafting The Perfect Email For Winning Real Estate Business

Email Marketing helps you connect with your clients and prospects, it is a tool used by digital marketers to increase sales as well as brand awareness. According to WorldStream, 59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation and consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers. It is evident that Email Marketing is a successful method of communication for some businesses, especially for generating sales. However, we understand that it can be challenging to make the most out of your marketing emails. Whilst many industries may have perfected their processes for Email Marketing, we’ve collated our top tips so you can craft the perfect email for winning real estate business.

When implementing any marketing method it is essential to establish the strategy. This means that the first step entails clarifying the objectives and aims of why you would like to connect with your audience, which leads us to identify your target audience. Target audiences should be funneled through a series of stages. As the target audience is filtered through, you should be able to group leads by their requirements and clients by their previous purchases and preferences. Establishing and segmenting the target audience is key for email marketing as it simplifies the process of supplying them with the relevant content and it allows you to be personable in order to communicate with them successfully.

The message for each email should differ in line with the contrasting email lists and requirements. However, in order to stay consistent with your brand, the tone should remain the same. When developing the message for each email you should keep in mind the objective and divide the information into three sections:

  • Introduce – The introduction of your email doesn’t only include the first paragraph, it also includes your subject line and preview. A short, friendly but professional subject line and a preview are essential as this is what tempts the reader to open the email and view the content. Avoid lengthy explanations in the first section of your email. You could utilize this space with a short introduction to your featured property and a high-resolution image. The use of images in emails is beneficial as it can instantly capture the reader’s attention. Additionally, images allow you to fill up space without having to add unnecessary text.
  • Educate – Although emails need to be concise, relevant information is required in order to effectively sell the properties at a first glance. The main body of the email should include a mixture of new properties and any properties which have been on the market for a long period. The descriptions of these properties should be short and specify the main features and details such as location, price, number of rooms or offices and the area. When writing the descriptions of the properties, avoid adding your personal opinion as this can mislead your reader. However, it is helpful to highlight the benefits of a property. An example of this would be to describe a large office space with floor to ceiling windows as “a spacious, light and airy open plan workspace suitable for X amount of desks”. As well as promoting your properties, it is also effective to promote your service as this a key selling point for your brand. Including quotes from clients about their experience will not only help the reader to understand your organization but it also encourages memorability.
  • Action – All methods of marketing should be actionable therefore a Call To Action (CTA) button is imperative for email marketing. When advertising properties in an email, each property should have a CTA included, whether it be on the image or at the bottom of the description. When a reader scrolls through the email they should be able to click anywhere to arrive at your website. CTA’s should differentiate throughout the email, the link should either guide them to relevant pages such as your contact page, the property page or your social media. Other CTA’s may include an invite to be added to the newsletter list or for a callback. When adding CTA’s, remember to make them prominent using contrasting colors and larger font.

Overall your email should be clear and concise, with simple formatting that adheres to the brand guidelines. The design of your email/emails should be suited to the content you wish to supply, templates should be set for each type of email. However, they should be tweaked once in a while in order to keep the brand fresh in the reader’s mind. Visuals are important to all types of marketing, especially email marketing. High-resolution images are very influential to the consumer’s decision-making process. Therefore, it is key to ensure that all images fit perfectly into the template. Resizing high-resolution images individually to fit small boxes can be tedious, yet it’s been simplified by Digital Asset Management systems like OpenAsset.

OpenAsset has an integrated sizing tool which automatically resizes all of your images to preset sizes when they are uploaded to the system. This means your project photos will be ready to use for social media, printed collateral, website copy and emails. Additionally, the OpenAsset DAM system ensures that only your best images are used and images are accessible to all teams across the firm. This is done through the Access Level feature, which allows you to select images that are suitable for use by everyone and those which are only suitable for certain teams such as the marketing team. Other OpenAsset features such as tagging, help you to locate images which match your segmented list requirements and content.

As email marketing continues to be a growing preference for communication in all industries, you must ensure that the emails for Commercial or Residential Real Estate can encourage conversion rates. What may be seen as complex can be simplified by following easy guidelines to craft the perfect email to communicate with your audience and win real estate business.

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