[Infographic] 7 Things a Digital Asset Management System can do for you

Architecture, engineering, and construction firms have more digital image assets than ever before. The growing need for high quality assets and the increasing ease in obtaining them can lead to serious workflow inefficiencies. If you think that your firm is struggling to manage a growing library of project photos and graphics, you might be ready to consider a Digital Asset Management solution. 

This infographic, created by our Australasian partners Smartsoftware, explains the top seven benefits of a Digital Asset Management System

With the right DAM you can…

1. Increase efficiency by locating the right file, at the right time
2. Have a central location for all your digital files
3. Get the most value from your assets by repurposing existing content and avoiding recreating work
4. Automate workflows to improve document creation
5. Find files fast with powerful search
6. Find content on the go with mobile applications
7. Track copyright and approvals to ensure assets are managed securely

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