10 Reasons you need a DAM now

AEC pros share the moment they knew they needed DAM

In our recent eBook, we explored the state of DAM in AEC. More and more firms are turning to DAM to help alleviate headaches caused by the growing number of digital assets, but at what point do you abandon the status quo and consider DAM?

Here are some of the situations that caused our clients to realize they had a big DAM problem, and needed to do something about it.

1. Without a single  repository, photo management has gone rogue

2. Only a few people, and sometimes only one person, know where images are and what images are available

3. SharePoint isn’t cutting it as a centralized photo library

4. Project and Marketing teams are managing photos separately

5. Duplication of images in servers is an IT nightmare

6. Knowledge management is a priority

7. Searching for, and resizing high-resolution photographs is a bottleneck in graphics workflows

8. You want to protect your clients and eliminate the risk of using unapproved images

9. Storing photos in folders means there is little context about each photo

10. You want to create a richer visual culture to remain competitive and win more business

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