OpenAsset Training Sessions

Mastering a software platform can be challenging, especially when you have to adapt your workflows and learn new processes. The OpenAsset Customer Success Team will be hosting regular training sessions covering key topics to help users get the most out of their systems.

Our Customer Success Team is made up of subject matter experts, with extensive experience of leading training sessions and sharing best practices with clients.

We will be hosting regular 30 minute training sessions that will be grouped into two content areas:

  • General Users: day-to-day OpenAsset users who are primarily finding, using, and sharing content.
  • System Admins: Users who are responsible for managing and maintaining the OpenAsset system.

We host multiple sessions depending on your experience and familiarity with OpenAsset, designed to build your skill set and provide best practices. If you’re new to OpenAsset, or need a refresher on the platform, we recommend starting with the 101 sessions and building up from there.

Can’t make it to these times? Feel free to sign up anyway! Once the session is over a recording will be sent to your email for your review.

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OpenAsset 101

  • Quickly find your content and save your favorites
  • Streamline document creation with drag & drop and custom templates
  • Uploading project photos

Join us for our ‘Getting Started’ webinar where we’ll cover the basics of OpenAsset, including best practices and workflows for finding, using, and sharing your digital content. Perfect for new users, or those that need a refresher on OpenAsset.

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OpenAsset 201

  • More advanced searches and ways you can use files & projects
  • Sharing your content internally and externally
  • Storing & finding additional content, including brand files, employee photos, and videos

We’ll build on the 101 session, exploring new concepts and going deeper on previously introduced workflows and features. Perfect for users comfortable with the OpenAsset basics, and ready to take it to the next level.

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OpenAsset Admin 101

  • Creating projects and adding project metadata
  • Uploading and tagging project photos 
  • Managing your custom fields & keywords 
  • Configuring group & user permissions 
  • Introduction to InDesign plugin & Custom Templates

In this session, we’ll walk through the value OpenAsset brings to your team, and share best practices and key workflows for configuring your system.  You’ll walk away understanding the building blocks of OpenAsset, and how they contribute to your team’s success. Perfect for new OpenAsset admins, or those that need a refresher on managing your system, with relevant permissions for creating projects, uploading files and managing the taxonomy.

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OpenAsset Admin 201

  • Filling in missing project data to make your system easily searchable 
  • Further capabilities for managing your keywords and fields, increasing the searchability of your OpenAsset system for your users
  • Configuring Ranks & Access levels to enable your team to quickly find your best content, and know exactly what’s been approved for use
  • Creating albums and saved searches for your best or most frequently referenced content
  • Configuring default user preferences for your team members, increasing the speed at which they are able to find, use, and share content 
  • Storing additional content in your OpenAsset system, including videos, PDF’s, and headshots

In this session, we’ll build on topics discussed in the Admin 101 session, and explore additional tips and best practices to set your users up for success. Perfect for Admins who have the foundational OpenAsset configurations in place, and are ready to further level-up your team.

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OpenAsset Admin 301: Driving value for your firm

  • Ensuring your system is ready for use by the Marketing Team and beyond
  • How to promote the launch of OpenAsset – and how we can support you
  • Partnering with our team to measure success – and sharing those successes with your internal decision makers and stakeholders
  • Maintaining OpenAsset – best practices post-launch
  • Updating Internal Knowledge Hubs/Intranets

This session is perfect for Admins that want to make sure their teams are maximizing the value that OpenAsset can deliver – and expand the use of OpenAsset across your organization.

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