OpenAsset Blackbox Connector by Full Sail Partners

Unlock the power of your project and employee data.

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Combining Forces to Provide an Optimal Client Experience

Full Sail Partners and OpenAsset have formed an industry partnership to achieve an optimal client experience for joint customers.

Full Sail Partners has a talented team of Deltek technology consultants and software specialists to help you develop a sound business strategy through data-driven metrics, and OpenAsset has a Deltek integration. Collectively, we can help you maintain a single source of truth of project data and digital assets, improving your proposal creation efficiency.

Key Benefits

What you can expect from the partnership:

  • Deltek Vision to Vantagepoint
    upgrade expertise
  • Leverage Deltek as the single source
    of truth for your project data
  • Push data from Deltek custom fields
    and keywords into OpenAsset
  • Export project and employee experience
    sheets to InDesign

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