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Use Flo10 and OpenAsset to support a culture of knowledge sharing and project collaboration.

Flo10 is the leading knowledge and project management software designed specifically for companies in the AEC industry. Flo10 reduces risk by connecting your team to valuable information and ensuring critical project tasks are compliant. Using OpenAsset as your image repository and Flo10 as your knowledge and project management, provides a high-level overview of your core information, all in one single pane of glass.

The standard connector provides synchronization from OpenAsset to deliver staff and project images within Flo10.

Key Benefits

What you can expect from the integration, owned and supported by Flo10:

  • Collaborate more effectively by facilitating the sharing of knowledge data and asset images across teams and projects.
  • Provide a complete project overview by linking project albums from OpenAsset to live projects in Flo10.
  • Pull Staff profile images from OpenAsset into Flo10 to provide one source of truth.
  • Map OpenAsset keywords to Flo10 tags to improve searchability.

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